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D.I.Y lace up flip flops tutorial

D.I.Y lace up flip flops tutorial

So I was searching online for a fun spring DIY tutorial and I found this lace up flip flops tutorial. I was really happy that I was able to find out who made this tutorial. The DIY lace up flip flop tutorial is from Glitter N’ Glue. I know that I am 100% doing this tutorial with my old worn out flip flops that need to get that glamour back. The image below was found on facebook but it lacks instructions so make sure to check out Glitter N’ Glue’s detailed tutorial to know how to do it fully since I know without details it would be hard to get it right off the first bat!

D.I.Y lace up flip flops tutorial

DIY do it yourself lace up flip flops scarf smashinbeauty


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