Confession from a runaholic

Working out and eating go hand in hand, but what happens when you stop runing and you continue your normal day to day errands? My co-blogger a runner “expert” even thou she doesn’t define herself as one, I see here like that has decided to share her opinion on what it’s like when you take a break from running. What worries here the most and how is it for a runaholic (ok she might be a run-a-joy person) when you take a break! Why did she take a break? Did she get fed up with running? is not only a personal friend of mine but she is also a writer. I love reading her blog since she has this very charming and amusing way of writing her blog posts.

Here latest post focuses on “ I have a confessions to make...”  Make sure to click here to read her post.

She is an amazing runner blogger that is an absolutely good read!

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