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Bath Time For Skin Care

              After a stressful day at work the only thing you want to do is go home and hit the couch. You aren’t really feeling your best today. You get irritated easily and are itchy for some reason, scratching your skin constantly and making it even worse? Your skin care could be a bit better. Usually you just take a quick shower, quickly dry your skin and use a standard lotion from time to time. Most of your skin care is concentrated on your face, and getting rid of any impurities and blemishes. The Fact is that your whole skin deserves a good treatment, not only your face. So consider skin care for the rest of your skin. One good way to do this is by taking a long bath.

I Prefer Showering, Baths Take Too Much Time

This is a sad truth of our culture today. We are in such a hurry, always rushing somewhere; that we can’t even treat ourselves to a proper unwind time. Bathing takes time, but there are many benefits, which overshadow the time you “wasted”. A quick shower doesn’t do a very good job on skin care. Baths on the other hand, help renew and soothe your skin. Make taking baths a regular part of your skin care. There are also more benefits to a bath; skin care isn’t the only purpose.

Benefits of a Bath for Skin Care

To make a bath a proper relaxing experience, add two cups of Epsom salt in your bath. The Epsom salt bath helps you clean your body from toxins, relieves pain or cramps and reduces stress. Hot baths help induce sweat, and this is important to remove the toxins from your body, but don’t overdo it. A warm bath is as relaxing as a hot one so don’t be fooled! The skin care benefits of a bath include moisturizing the skin and helping shed dead skin cells. You can enhance your skin care while bathing by adding some oils, like olive oil, or coconut oil. To shed dead skin cells more effectively, use a sponge, preferably a sea sponge. That way you will get rid of flaky skin, and your skin will be radiant and look healthy. Don’t forget to include your foot soles into your skin care rituals too. A bath is a good way to soften and moisturize the hard skin of your soles.

Make It a Skin Care Ritual

Take a bath at least two times a week. It will benefit your health, relax you and help you clear your mind and body too. You will take proper skin care of your entire body and your skin will be radiant and dewy. If you don’t have time for a bath, replace it with a really hot shower that lasts a few minutes. A warm bath is the best way to get the blood flow under your skin, which will benefit the skin cells and improve your skin care. After a bath, use soothing and moisturizing skin care products to make your skin soft and beautiful.

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