Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection H&M

Anna Dello Russo for H&M Photo: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON

Italian Icon fashion director of Vogue Japan, has teamed up with H&M and is now releasing “Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection H&M” She mentions in the video that is in love with fashion and that she can express almost anything through fashion. She decided to show off her bold Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection H&M since she believes that the sound which her accessories make have a therapeutic sound, to be honest, I do agree there is nothing pretty and more relaxing then the sound my accessories makes when I am walking around town. I personally am very excited about this Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection H&M. I am for sure going to try and get a few things, my wallet just wept.

Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection H&M

Anna Dello Russo commented on her new Anna Dello Russo Accessories Collection H&M “As a stylist I know accessorization is essential: it is the personal touch to any outfit and with these pieces everybody can have fun, and turn an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day”. The picture above has a few examples of what we can expect from Anna Dello Russo Accessories H&M Collection.  Anna mentioned that she was very excited about her collaboration with H&M. This is also the first time H&M has involved a fashion director to take part in such a special limited edition project. She felt honored, thrilled and humbled to be involved in Anna Dello Russo Accessories H&M Collection. 

 Anna Dello Russo H&M Accessories Collection Limited Edition

If you like this  Anna Dello Russo H&M Collection, make sure to stock up or at least be there amongst one of the first ones in queue. I do believe that this will sell like hot cakes since more of the time accessories aren’t to expensive. Looking at the provided picture above we can see that Anna Dello Russo has a very elegant and time less style. Her accessories are unabashedly glamorous and her whole collection just seems to be glamourous and very Versace. To me, This Anna Dello Russo H&M Collection seems to me personally like something that will come perfectly for the upcoming fall season. But yes, sadly this collection will be released in October 4th 2012, in 140 store around the world and online. I am sad that this is not a summer collection since looking at all those things, I personally think it would be a great summer collection. I do believe that in smaller H&M shops this collection will not be available. So if you have that local small edition of H&M make sure to go and check out your larger more flag shop kinda shop to be able to find this limited edition Anna Dello Russo H&M Collection. 

Anna Dello Russo for H&M Photo: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON

Anna Dello Russo H&M Collection What Looks HOT!

Looking at the pictures online and the one above the Anna Dello Russo H&M Collection looks HAWT! I am hoping that I will be able to catch a golden / turquoise clutch, got my eye on you babe, and that golden snake with those other rocks on it. If you are interested in finding out more about this upcoming collection make sure to check your country’s H&M website or visit your country’s H&M Facebook Fan Page or you can also check your local online newspapers or you can just go on to google and google, Anna Dello Russo H&M Accessories Collection 2012. What I want to know is the following, do you know who Anna Dello Russo? I mean have you ever heard about her before H&M presented her?! Are you into fashion? If so, who is your favorite fashion designer and what is your favorite fashion magazine? Do you like accessories? What is your favorite accessories? Without which accessories can’t you live on a daily base (such as; rings, clutch…etc). And last questions, Are you getting anything from the Anna Dello Russo H&M Accessories Collection? If so, what are you planning on getting?

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