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You are doing it Wrong – 7 Nail Myths

You are doing it Wrong – 7 Nail Myths

You might have read my previous post You are doing it wrong – 11 makeup myths and You are doing it wrong – 7 hair myths and found yourself laughing and enjoying the article, so this is why I decided to continue these fun myths with my next topic You are doing it wrong – 7 nail myths, and upcoming skincare myths. I know that I still fail these nail myths but I am very happy to have found out these few nail myths that I wanted to share with you so that you too can get it straight for the first time.

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1. You cannot prevent yellowing of the nails – This is only true if you do not take precaution before applying your nail polish. Many people wear nail polish on a daily base but never stop to think that just like in makeup, a primer is a must. If you apply a base coat then your favorite nail polish after which you apply a top coat with UV ray protection, will not only protect your nails from the sun but all from yellowing. If you have done all this and your nails still are yellowing, try using baking soda to kick any yellowing out of the picture.

2. Avoid nail varnishes with chemicals – this is impossible all nail varnishes contain chemicals. There is no such thing as a “chemical-free” varnish.

3.  Store nail polishes in the fridge for a long shelf life – the shelf life of your nail polish will not change or improve if you store it in the fridge. But it is true if you leave your nail polish, undisturbed in the fridge for a few weeks this will help slow down the thickening of the polish. But if you close your nail polish properly the shelf life of it will be much longer and will help prevent solvents from evaporating

4. Ice water will help your nail polish dry faster – If this was true, would your nail salon be doing it? This will not help your nail polish dry faster it will actually delay it. The solvents in the polish need to evaporate in order for your nail polish to dry. So stick your pretty fingers in front of a fan and just wait it out.

5. You should cut your cuticles – This is actually illegal in some states in the US, because what you are cutting is actually your “eponychium” and not your cuticles and cutting them can be not only painful but dangerous. Cutting your eponychium can be dangerous and over time can result in thicken scar tissues, I have them to prove it true! The best way to resolve this is to soak your nails in warm water and then with something soft, push back your eponychium and if required use a liquid cuticle remover to remove dead skin off you’re the top of your nails.

6. Filing your nails in any direction is fine – while this is true if done properly and the correct downward pressure is used, most people do not do it what results in nail peeling and breakage. The safest bet is to always file your nails in the same direction not only will this not hair your nails but it will help your nails grow faster and longer.

7. Drinking more milk will strengthen my weak nails –  While it is true that calcium and protein will help strengthen your nails, drinking more milk will not help at all. The key to healthy nails is a good nutrition.


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