Workout Tuesday

Summer is here and I am feeling guilty, since I haven’t been working out at all. I have had a long and hard year filled with many health issues and due to this I stopped working out;  I needed a rest from everything. I decided to go back to my light routing, what means working out twice a week. Since my schedule is very busy at the moment, I don’t have the time to hit the gym, but I do have time to workout at home. Since I have been going to the gym since the age of 16, I already know all about good posture and how to do each move correctly so that you are using the right muscles.

Here is the workout videos I used today in this order.

1. Started off with this beginner workout video (skipped the stretching part)

2. Since the first video is only 30 minutes long, I went on another high intense 10 minute workout. This one was super fun!

3. After my high intense video workout, I was exhausted after 10 minutes and wanted a good cool down and stretch, this one was perfect.


  • Tamina

    ah I think it’s fine to workout at home as long as you do all exercises correct. some girls just have such big problems with that and dont even realise that. my boyfriend is personal trainer and I’ve worked out since a younger age as well. But I usually use dumbbells etc (for squats, lunges, …) and we don’t have enough of those at home, so I usually hit the gym. I gained fat during winter and now only started dieting again. only working out, is not enought to be lean 😉 and I also learned to not trust the scale when you’re also gaining muscle haha

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