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What is a primer, how do you use it and what is it for?

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Makeup 101

Today’s makeup video tutorial is on a 101 makeup lesson or makeup for beginners. What is a primer, what is it used for and how to use it. I know that this is a very basic makeup tutorial but since there are many young ladies out there that have just started wearing makeup I thought that I should dedicate my time a bit more to basic makeup tutorials or better said 101 makeup tutorials. So why not start with a very basic makeup tutorial as “what is a primer, what is it used for and how to use it correctly”.

What is a (face) primer

For the makeup newbies out there I wanted to write and mention in my video what a makeup primer is. A primer is used for many reasons. One of the many reasons is the following thing. A primer helps your makeup stay on longer; it evens out your skin’s texture; it fills in your pores and fine lines. The best thing about a primer is that is really does give your foundation a perfect smooth surface and in this way your foundation blends with ease.

What is a primer used for?

Now I want to mention why you should use a primer. A primer can control the oils on your skin if you have oily skin it can help those dry patches and help your skin avoid drying up and your foundation cracking on dry patches which most people have. Make sure to watch the video for other basic makeup tips and tricks when it comes to primers and more important of all and that everyone asks me is how to apply a face primer

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How to use and apply a primer

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