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Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette Makeup Review

Wet N Wild Blue had me at hello makeup review is here and let’s get down to the basics. This is a eight eye shadow palette which comes with an applicator. All the eye shadows in the palette complement each other, which means you have all the light to darkest complimenting shades. The finish of the eye shadows is pearly and not matte. The palette comes with a sticker, which marks that it is sealed for your protection and honestly I do not buy any makeup without some kind of seal of protection. This protects me from buying opened makeup and as many of you know, as soon as you open a makeup product the clock starts ticking and this is why I also never buy used makeup, for safety reasons.

Makeup Review Blue Had Me At Hello

I wanted to stress the color payoff in this makeup review of Wet N Wild Blue had me at hello palette. Usually for drugstore makeup brand you do not expect good quality pigmentation but I can guarantee and you can see my swatches, that color payoff is shockingly good, and even the lighter shades are well pigmented (with and without a primer). It’s amazing how long-lasting they are even without a primer. The eye shadows do not stain the skin. The palette is worth the super cheap price of five dollars. The quality of the eye shadows is comparable to high-end products such as Urban Decay, in my opinion. You get 8.5 grams of product in the palette and you can create a sweet look, flirty look, dramatic look and a wild look.

Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Swatches

Also, worth the mention it in this makeup review of this Wet N Wild Blue had me at hello, is that in the back of the palette you actually get instruction on how to apply the eye shadows and when looking at the shadows you get instructions as to where each shade can go (not must). This is a really good starter eye shadow palette, which is ideal for young women and girls that are just starting off with makeup because it also contains a very basic “tutorial”. Even though you get a double-ended application, my advice is toss it into the trash and go get one of your Sigma Beauty eyeshadow brushes. The applicator is horrible and I cannot do anything with it. The thing that I must mention is that the eyeshadows are very sensitive to touch. If you press hard on the eye shadows they will crack or if you, God forbid, drop the palette then get ready to cry because it will shatter into a million pieces, the eye shadow not the palette.

Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello

One more thing to mention in the makeup review, besides that the Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello palette is sensitive to touch, is that the eye shadows because of their sensitivity, has a lot of fall out. This eye shadow palette might not be for everyone, the palette is ideal for people that love smoky eyes and blue toned eye shadows. People that do not like sensitive eye shadows might want to test it before you buy it. Overall there are three different palettes in this 8 eye shadow palette collection (Comfort Zone and Petal pusher). Overall I love these Wet N Wild color icon eye shadow palette and think they are a very good investment.


  • pigmented
  • cooler colors
  • long lasting
  • extremely pays off
  • amazing quality
  • excellent for beginners
  • available outside of the US in some EU countries
  • drugstore makeup
  • palette
  • price
  • one matte black eye shadow


  • fallouts
  • very sensitive to touch
  • all pearly finish or glitter

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