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Urban Decay Naked 2 Cosmetics Palette


Urban Decay Naked 2 is coming soon! Insiders have confirmed that the UD Naked (volume) 2 is going to be released on December 1. They weren’t clear as to is it in 2011 or 2012. December is around the corner, I have a feeling thatUrban Decay Cosmetics Naked palette 2 will be released in 2012, but I might be wrong. On their website, it does claim that their is a BIG surprise that will be released on December 1 2011. So something new is coming that is for sure. Urban Decay Cosmetics is surprising us before the holidays.

Urban Decay Makeup Mystery 

Urban Decay makeup mystery we all hope will be the naked palette volume 2. Rumors have it that the palette will vary from lighter color makeup shades as oppose to the bronzy colors the first palette had included. The urban decay makeup naked palette 2 might be the missing link to the first palette. The information provided here is not 100% sure since I have been googling to find out what I can. All I can confirm is that the palette is made. Via I found out that the Urban Decay makeup cosmetics eyeshadow

UD Makeup Collection
UD Makeup Collection might be called Urban Decay. I do not have the first palette but I hope to get it. One of my beauty blogger friends has bought the first UDecay naked palette makeup collection. She absolutely loves it. I wanted to get it but since I already have too many eye shadows I had to pass on the first one. Researching online I have found a picture of the UD Naked palette 2 makeup collection and I love it. 

Makeup Update

Makeup Update from November 28, Urban Decay has announced the naked palette 2 on Twitter. They said that NAKED 2 will be coming out on December 1. UD has also posted a makeup update banner on their website and send and email about something new coming December 1. I wonder if the Urban Decay makeup update is the Naked 2 palette. So we can “officially” say that the Naked palette 2 is coming in 2011?! I have posted below the list of eye shadows that should be in the Naked2 palette and also a picture of the first palette and the list of eyeshadow so that you can compare the two palettes. Will you be buying the Urban Decay NAKED2 palette? 

Makeup Packaging and price

Makeup UD Naked 2 packaging comes in a brown velvet case with a makeup brush, eyeshadow brush. the NEW Urban decay Naked 2 palette case looks like a silver metal case with a larger mirror that includes a dual-ended eyeshadow makeup brush. The Price is still unknown but it is rumored to be sold between the price of $45 – 55 US. Is it me or does this cost more than the first palette? Also I might have not mentioned this but you get a lip gloss with this palette what is a plus. Are any of these things, makeup brush, lip gloss or eyeshadow exciting you?

Naked 2 (L-R): Foxy • Half Baked • Bootycall • Chopper • Tease • Snakebite • Suspect • Pistol • Verve • YDK • Busted • Blackout


Naked (L-R): Virgin • Sin • Naked • Sidecar • Buck • Half Baked • Smog • Darkhorse • Toasted • Hustle • Creep • Gunmetal


I know that I am getting NAKED 2

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