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Top & Worst eyelash adhesives

Top eyelash adhesives 2013 2012 ardell illamasqua duo essence eylure art deco

Here are my Top & Worst eyelash adhesives kind of a makeup review, cause you know you always wanted to know is your favorite lash glue still on spot number one or has it bumped down or up the scale.  Looking back at 2012, I spent a serious amount of time working on this eyelash adhesives list, I spent not as much money as much of my time testing these adhesives to the good and bad. So who past the test? I will start off with the worst and climb up to the best eyelash adhesives of 2012, of course this is from my own personal & professional perspective I tested these glues on myself and kept a track how they behaved.

Top & Worst eyelash adhesives

Let’s start this top & worst eyelash adhesives with a short definition of what I used to rate each eyelash adhesive. I scored each eyelash adhesive based on: smell, price, quantity, waterproof, durability & how fast it gets sticky. These are the most important things for my Top & Worst eyelash adhesives 2012. Below I will start to write a list from worst to best eyelashes that specific order. I will write a very short summary as to why I personally & as a professional makeup artist believe that they are the worst or best eyelash adhesives. Now, let’s get started with my worst eyelash adhesive and climb to the top of my makeup review of top & worst eyelash adhesives.

Makeup Review: Top & Worst Eyelash Adhesives

Below you can see a picture of my top & worst eyelash adhesives of 2012, all together there are seven eyelash glues that I have used and tested let’s start with my biggest disappointment and move on to the most amazing and I personally believe an absolute must have eyelash adhesive as a professional makeup artist. My top eyelash adhesive might not be everyone but it the top eyelash adhesive on my top & worst eyelash adhesives of 2012 makeup review. So here is in short the eyelash adhesives which I will be mentioning in no particular order: Essence eyelash adhesive, Art Deco eyelash adhesive, Eylure eyelash adhesive, Fing`rs Precision lash adhesive, illamasqua eyelash adhesive & of course Dup eyelash adhesive. Some of you might have used some of these eyelash adhesives while some might just be new to you.

Top & worst eyelash adhesives

  • Posted From Worst to Best Eyelash Adhesive for Strip lashes 
  • rating scale: 1 worst / 10 best


5. Essence Eyelash Adhesive

Essence does release limited edition false lashes, which are fun. I got the paper ones which I still am waiting to use. Besides that to my knowledge you cannot buy Essence eyelash adhesive individually, bummer! The adhesive comes in a small plastic pot that is very easy to open, screw top. The top lid part contains a spreader, which is very practical to use and allows you to only use the right amount, plus this keeps this whole ordeal clean, no sticky fingers! The glues takes forever to get sticky, I just couldn’t wait no more past 60 seconds and said… life is just to short for this bull. The adhesive has no particular smell, ok maybe it smells a bit like glue but it truly goes unnoticed. The Essence eyelash adhesive just is a big fail in every way! For strip lashes.

  • price: comes with false lashes
  • smell:  10/10 (no scent)
  • quantity: small plastic pot (unknown amount)
  • durability: Dry Conditions 1/10, Wet Conditions 0/10
  • waterproof: No
  • sticky power: 60 seconds or more (life is just to short)
  • Contains latex – unknown, but I assume that it does!

Eylure Lashfix adhesive makeup review

4. Eylure Lashfix Adhesive

Since Eylure makes a wide range of false lashes I would have expected much better eyelash adhesive since their false lashes aren’t cheap! The eyelash adhesive from Eylure lashfix, which I tested, was the one for strip lashes. You get these when you buy false lashes. The lash adhesive comes in a small glass pot which allows to keep the lash adhesive well stored and you can use the lash adhesive up quite a few times. I found that like with most plastic pots they are easy to open, screw tops. On the lid part of the glass pot contains a spreader that helps you use only as much eyelash adhesive as you need and is very easy to apply on the lashes, opaaaa saving eyelash adhesive is a MUST. The glue has no particular smell. The glue takes around 45+ seconds before it becomes sticky. It does dry transparent, always a good thing. I found that the lash glue starts to loose it’s magic and my false lashes tend to lift off my eyelids when in “moist” conditions. I found that water weakness the adhesive and if you are sweating or dancing.

  • price: comes with false lashes (£2.79 6ml bottle)
  • smell:  10/10 (no scent)
  • quantity: small glass pot (unknown amount)
  • durability: Dry Conditions 8/10, Wet Conditions 4/10
  • waterproof: no
  • sticky power: 45 seconds or more
  • Contains latex – yes


3. Duo Adhesive

Surprised to see Duo this low on the list, I know I am not! Duo got it’s fame with Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist that raved about it. I had both the clear and black Duo Adhesive. Honestly I was never a fan of this glue; here are a few reasons as to why. First of all can you say “MESSY”. the packaging is just all wrong you always squeeze out more eyelash adhesive then you need, mean wasted money! Second the smell, dear lord what is going on it smells like something died in that squeeze tube. Third and most annoying trademark of this lash glue is the stickiness test. It serious takes about 60 seconds to dry, I go insane for 60 second, do you know what I can do in 60 seconds? In short you pay a lot, you get a rotting smell, squeeze out more than you need, waist 1 minute of your life with easy lash and a cherry on the top, if you use glitter but the cream glitter eye shadow, this puppy moves and your lashes fall off. If you do not wait until the lash glue has the amount right stickiness, it won’t stick. I have also noticed if it’s to humid or you sweat to much, for example dancing in a club, the adhesive gives up.  Comes in transparent + black colors. Overall a very stressful adhesive and it’s only works well with strip lashes.

  • price:  £7.45
  • smell:  0/10 (stinks like rotting stuff)
  • Quantity: 14ml
  • Durability: Dry Conditions 10/10, Wet Conditions 6.5/10
  • Waterproof: yes, but depends
  • Sticky power: 60 seconds or more
  • Contains latex – yes

Fing'rs Percision Lash Adhesive Makeup Review Swatches

2. Fing`rs Precision lash adhesive

Well one day I was out of my eyelash adhesive and someone told me abut this glue and I was like. ok I’m going to give it a try. To my surprise it was amazing! It was a relief after my long lost battles with Duo adhesive.  This Fing`rs Precision lash adhesive comes in a long plastic post with a precision brush on top. The adhesive gets stick in about 30 seconds or less, sweat, sweat baby Jesus is this possible? Of course it is! It has a fresh paint like scent that vanishes in a few seconds. The color of the adhesive is neon white blue that when dries goes transparent. I heard a rumor through the grape vines that Illamasqua and artdeco use the same manufacturer!!!!  This puppy stood the test and was amazing on wet and moist circumstances, better than DUO. The only downside of this is that that brush goes all haywire after some time and well when it reaches that point it also means that you hit the bottom of that pot and the adhesive is done with! Best with strip lashes.

  • price:  $8 US
  • smell:  6/10
  • Quantity: 5ml
  • Durability: Dry Conditions 10/10, Wet Conditions 8.9/10
  • Waterproof: yes, but depends
  • Sticky power: 30 seconds or less
  • Contains latex – No

Illamasqua adhesive makeup review

1. Illamasqua Eyelash Adhesive

This is my TOP strip lash adhesive for strip lashes and individual lashes. I do not know who made this lash glue, but Duo Adhesive can go suck it after you discover this adhesive! This is the ultimate mother of adhesives and my God does it stick. It takes about 30 seconds to get stick, goes transparent and stays and stays. This puppy not mater the climate doesn’t move.  It has not particular smell, but it does have a few downsides. First of all it comes in a small glass post what means breaks with ease, second it means that it’s super hard to open and the adhesive flies everywhere when I am opening this. You get a silly small amount and you cannot but this Illamasqua adhesive individually, BUGGERRRR!!!!!! This is the best lash glue/ adhesive of 2012 and well 2013. I have never had anything stronger and better than this. It’s similar to individual lash adhesives but just a bit weaker so you don’t rip out your entire lashes. This is a MUST try adhesive but sadly it beyond expensive when you see how much you get in that small glass pot, half the post not even to the top L booooooo, and to keep this pup in stock you have to keep buying amazing Illamasqua lashes, they truly are amazing lashes, expensive yes but wear and tear baby. They say all good things come in small bottles, or was that poison? Well this is my secret eyelash glue!!

  • price:  comes with false lashes (price varies)
  • smell:  0/10 (none)
  • Quantity: super small amount
  • Durability: Dry Conditions 10/10, Wet Conditions 10/10
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Sticky power: 30 seconds
  • Contains latex – unknown

Top & Worst Eyelash Adhesive for Individual Lashes


2. Eylure Individual Lash Adhesive

Seems like I took a picture of the remover and not the adhesive. When you buy the individual lashes, if I am not mistaken, you get the adhesive and remover all in one. I love Eylure lashes, strip and individual. Unlike the Eylure adhesive for strip lashes, this adhesive for individual lashes is a much better if you know how to use it correctly The only problem it has is the scent and it might sting sensitive eyes until it dries. The scent of the adhesive is very strong and unpleasant but this is kind of common with individual lash adhesives.

  • price:  £3.39
  • smell:  10/10 (bad to the bone)
  • Quantity: 6ml
  • Durability: Dry Conditions 7/10, Wet Conditions 6/10
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Sticky power: 30 seconds
  • Contains latex – unknown

Artdeco adhesive for permanent lashes makeup review

1. ArtDeco Adhesive for Permanent Lashes (Individual lashes)

This is my ultimate adhesive for individual lashes and illamasqua’s adhesive of course. This is the safest and strongest adhesive for individual lashes that I have used. It smells like glue, the glue that you used in elementary school, kind of pleasant in a weird way. This adhesive does not sting the eyes since the scent is not as aggressive as Eylure. The only downside is the packaging. It comes in a small bottle and you have to turn it upside down to get the product out what results in wasting more lash glue then you have to, what means lost money. Besides that I highly recommend this adhesive only for individual lashes.

  • price:  £3.39
  • smell:  7/10 (school glue)
  • Quantity: 6ml
  • Durability: Dry Conditions 10/10, Wet Conditions 10/10
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Sticky power: 20 seconds or less
  • Contains latex – Yes (rubber latex)

Your turn

So that is that! I hope you enjoyed this list and I would love to know what eyelash adhesive you use and did it make it to this list? If you use a different eyelash adhesive (glue) I would love to know which one and tell me why you like it!



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