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Top Tips for a Long-Lasting Manicure

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Top Tips for a Long-Lasting Manicure

You all know and want to admit that you hate doing your nails so that it why we all get out nails done and hope that it will last forever even though we know it won’t. There are a few simple and very easy things you can do to prolong your manicure and get that almost impossible dream to come true. Top tips for a long lasting manicure will help you maintain your nails much longer than you ever hoped to

Base Coat + Top Coat = Longevity

A base coat will not only make the color of your nail polish pop, but it will also help the nail polish chip slower. A top coat is as important as the base coat since it’s an extra protecting coat that will also help the nail polish chip slower. Some even provide protection against UV rays.


We all hate dry and ugly cuticle, not only are they not pretty but they can effect how long your manicure lasts. Cuticle oils will not only help maintain your cuticles but will also make your manicure pop out.

Avoid heat and water

Avoid heat and water right after you get your nails done. Why? These two can have a negative effect on your manicure and it can loosen your polish.

Avoid Exfoliate

Exfoliating will cause some surface damage to your new manicure and should be avoided.

Wear gloves

Wearing glove while doing the dishes or during winter not only protects your skin but also your manicure.

Expiration date

Like makeup, nail polish has an expiration date, when it expires toss it out. These nail polishes will not have a long lasting effect as new and fresh polishes. Expired nails polishes dry slower and chip faster.



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