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The Japanese method of drawing eyebrows (aka Microblading)

In parts of Europe, there is a new way to draw on eyebrows, aka microblading without getting a permanent tattoo which will change shape and blur with time. A tattoo would look harsh and unnatural and in will bleed on the edges. Most tattoo artists have told me depending on where you place your tattoo, your tattoo will bleed. I am not sure about the eyebrow area but placing a tattoo on any thin layer and soft skin will result in blurry lines after some times (such as fingers, right above your toes….etc) If unsure, ask your tattoo artist, s/he might even be able to show you how it looks after a while, like my tattoo artist did.

The Japanese method /microblading of eyebrows

Many of my girlfriends got the “Japanese method of drawing on eyebrows” (also known as Phibrows ), so naturally, I was interested. I was very interested in what they are and what is the final results. Her eyebrows looked natural and I didn’t even notice that she got her eyebrows done since she is a makeup artist, I thought she just drew them out to look perfect. After doing online reach, here is what I found.

Before this Japanese method, there were many other eyebrow drawing methods and they had devastating results. These lines would bleed and or the color moved around and would change shape (in some cases the color would change (usually turned into green). A few months ago one of my friends told me that she was going to this “Japanese method of drawing eyebrows (Phibrows)” I was like yeah not interested. I really do enjoy drawing on my eyebrows, to be honest, and maybe when I’m a bit older and lazier I might do this, but for now, I will choose to skip it. So, I wanted to know why this Japanese method was highly recommended! What did everyone and their mother gets it done? My friend told me that this newest method was the safest and guaranteed the best and most natural results with no bleeding or color change. With this new method (Phibrows), after a year the color will fade and in some cases totally vanish. My friend did tell me that you were required to get two treatments in order to get the best results (might not be the case for everyone).


The Japanese method of drawing eyebrows tools

The most common tool used for drawing on the lines is a small hand held machine with one needle but will also give the most unnatural and “worst” results. The least used tool is a small tool (looks like a pencil) with one needle and you will need to manually draw the lines, one at a time. This newest tool which is slowly proving to be the best tool is called “The blade”. It contains up to 12 – 14 needle which can be flexible or stiff (not flexible).

Japanese 3D eyebrows drawing method

Why the Japanese method of drawing eyebrows gives better results

So, what is this “Japanese method of drawing eyebrows / microblading / Phibrows“? After doing a lot of researchhere is what the gist of the story is. What is the difference you might ask? There is a key difference between this “Japanese method (Phibrows)” and every other microblading method. Each method offers thin to thicker lines, but after some time (even a few days) the lines will bleed (in rare cases if someone uses some weird cheap pigment these lines turn green). Why does this happen? Should the artist be to blame, the tools, the ink? The ink and tools is the key to the best looking results. The ink which is used is an actual pigment. The pigment can be based on natural ingredients (plants) or minerals. The pigment (aka ink) comes in gel, cream or liquid form and it doesn’t matter what form you use, it’s a personal liking, but to my knowledge most people use creams. The problems with some of the inks is the following. When you apply the ink onto the skin (using one of the tools mentioned above) the ink will get redistributed in other parts of the skin which you did not plan to color and the end results are blurry lines aka bleeding. Why does this happen? This happened because the ink (pigment) enters your lymph and moves around causing blurry lines (after a few days). This is where the “Japanese method (Phibrows) ” is different from any other method, this doesn’t happen with this new method.


How The Japanese Microblading Eyebrow Sets

This Japanese microblading method of drawing eyebrows has the ability to change cream, gel and liquid pigments into silicone after it is applied to the skin. When the pigment turns into silicone form it cannot enter your skin’s lymph (if I understood correctly) and will not move around on your skin and will stay put which means no blurry lines, no matter what kind type of skin you have (not even oily skin). It’s important that the pigment, when applying it, stays in liquid form during the entire process until its time to set the pigment.

The key to the Japanese method (Phibrows) is to use a mineral pigment (cream, gel or liquid) without alcohol and after you apply the pigment on to the eyebrow area (you got the desired shape) with “the blade tool” it’s time to set it. To set the pigment and turn it into silicone form, you have to use this specific liquid which transforms this pigment into a silicon form, the transformation happens really fast. The main thing you should know is that this method of drawing on eyebrows, unlike tattoos, fades naturally after 12 months. So your eyebrows are ready for a new treatment after 12 months.

The Japanese method of drawing eyebrows uses a few key ingredients

The pigment stays in a silicone form for up to 48 hours and then after that it sets and then there is no possibility that the lines will blur or bleed. The problem is that since I did not personally do this “Japanese method of drawing on eyebrows” I cannot say what that clear liquid is in the video, but I do know that they are many other setting products which some companies recommend but the artist in the video said to avoid them since it will alter the texture and the lines will blur after some time. It’s also not recommended to use any local anesthesia since when doing this correctly, no pain or blood should be involved. A very mild unpleasant sting yes but no real pain where you will be required to use local anesthesia since it’s not applied on any deeper layer of skin.

This eyebrow drawing technique has a few names in the world BUT not everyone uses this method thus the name being hard to pinpoint. I hope this has given you some idea as to why this method is currently considered to give the best and why it gives the most natural looking eyebrows without getting a thick or blurry line or even changing it’s color to green, after a few days.

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  • Maria

    This is not a Japanese technique. There is no Japanese establishment that actually does this. I live in Tokyo and tried to find a place here that does it. There is one woman who holds events, but she is not Japanese. She is from Sri Lanka. Please do better research because this article is very misleading about the origin of the technique.

    • Smashinbeauty


      Originally this article was written by a new trend that is still VERY popular in Europe. This is technique, as I wrote and let me repeat this again, the method is called Japanese Method of drawing eyebrows, but by now it has gotten quite a few different names BUT not everyone is using this method above. There is only ONE SCHOOL in Europe that brought this method to Europe. After that, it spread like wildfire and many people around the world come to Europe to get educated by the very best which is NOT IN SRI LANKA.

  • Yuki Nishizato

    Im not sure why you call it Japanese method… we don’t do that here? We just use a blade to shave them

  • Kat

    Hi, I read this with interest but you didn’t say what the setting liquid is! I was reading your article wanting to know that. Nothing turns to silicone. It’s liquid medical silicone I think that is put over the top of the pigment to set it. Phew. I think I have found out what it is but if you know what it is could you let me know as I am also finding it difficult to find any information on this technique and how they get the crisp lines or the product used to do it!

    • Smashinbeauty

      I do not have this information on the silicone. Due to the blades (razors) the method was called the Japanese microblading method. Because the blades were thinner and gave a more natural result. There is more to it than that but all I know is that it’s one of the best and most modern ways to microblade today.
      To get this information please search for the eyebrow expert who brought this method to Europe a few years ago. He has workshops for people that come from all parts of the world. This is a more advanced and modern way of microblading. If someone was trained by this person, you can find it on his website or Facebook page. If you were not trained by this person, you will not be able to achieve these results. You will lack tools, training, and knowledge.

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