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The conjuring Annabelle doll makeup Halloween makeup tutorial 2013

the conjuring annabelle doll halloween makeup tutorial 2013

I decided to recreate another horror movie Halloween makeup tutorial the conjuring Annabelle doll makeup. If you don’t know about the movie the Conjuring you should check it out if you are a horror movie fan. The movie is based on a true story about a family that was haunted by various ghosts and ones ghost in particular was very evil. One daughter had a doll that was possessed by the evil spirit. The doll in the movie looks very different than what it looks like in real life. The original doll was raggedy Ann and since the movie producers didn’t want to give Anna bad publicity they made up their own unique version of the doll that was possessed and this is how the conjuring Annabelle doll came to life.

The conjuring Annabelle doll makeup

The Conjuring Annabelle doll makeup does require some basic makeup skills. I didn’t apply any foundation since I thought that any natural flaws on my skin would contribute to the worn out doll that was featured in the movie. Also, in the movie, the doll had brown/orange hair and since I don’t have any wig like that I had to use my blonde wig in order to get the look. Feel free to use a darker wig if you don’t have a brown pigtail wig. This is why on the thumbnail you can see that I have altered the hair color just for representation purposes. I thought that any wig was better than no wig at all I hope that this doesn’t upset anyone and that you can over look the very blonde wig.

The conjuring Annabelle doll Halloween makeup 2013

Now here is a lift of makeup products that I used in my the conjuring Annabelle doll makeup tutorial Halloween 2013. Make sure to use any products that you have or like. If you like doll, puppet makeup then make sure to check out my Jigsaw Billy Doll Makeup.

The Conjuring Doll Makeup Halloween 2013

Evening of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Sound Effect:
Kid giggle 2

Background image:
Cellar by Yew Tree House

Cellar stairs of Paris by Joanna Bourne

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