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SVR Topialyse Sensitive Emollient Cream Beauty Product Review

SVR Peaux Atopiques Topialyse sensitive creme emolliente aux omega 6 et imega 3 visage et corps makeup review

SVR Topialyse Sensitive Emollient Cream

Let me tell you a bit about SVR Laboratoires; the brand focuses on all natural ingredients. If I am informed correctly all of their products are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free and paraben free. I try to avoid paraben as much as possible since my skin tends to breakout if I use it a few days in a row. Today’s beauty product review is SVR Topialyse Sensitive emollient cream that contains omega 3 and 6. This cream is intended for the face and body. The cream can be used both on adults, children and babies, big plus in my book. Why? Most skin care that is used on babies is the best and healthiest products in the world; of course this varies between brands. Babies have extremely sensitive skin.

SVR Topialyse Beauty Product Review

The SVR Topialyse Sensitive emollient cream moisturizes and restores the skin’s barrier to soothe and reduce and itchiness, irritations and controls and eliminates bacterial growth. Now I wasn’t to crazy about the crème because, since it is more intended for very dry skin with atopic-prone skin issues. I feared it was cause breakouts and totally mess up my skin, however I do have dry spots that tend to flake. My checks are very dry and are in need of good hydration. The SVR Topialyse Sensitive emollient cream is very thick but it does have a little watery texture that does help the skin absorb quite quick into the skin. There is no greasy residue on the skin but it does have a dewy finish. I have used this cream for my night skin care hydration and have to admit that my skin hasn’t had a breakout to my honest surprise. During summer days I like to mix my SVR and Novexpert caramel cream to give my skin additional hydration during the hot summer days.

SVR Topialyse Sensitive Emollient Cream Beauty Product Review

Overall, this cream has hydrated my dry spots and checks very well and I will continue to use them on those spots, but I will avoid using them on the rest of my face since using a cream that is intended for atopic-prone skin will eventually cause my skin to break out. I have even tested this crème on normal skin and have seen that it really does an amazing job at hydrating the skin. For normal skin this would be an excellent night skin care cream. If you have dry  – very dry skin that is sensitive and tends to get irritated quite fast make sure to try this cream. I guess this completes my beauty product review of SVR Topialyse Sensitive emollient cream with omega 3 & 6. 

UPDATE: I have used this on skin that was a atopic and it did show results

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