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Summer Makeup Favorites 2013

summer favorites 2013

My summer makeup favorites 2013, for May, June and July are here. During the summer period I decided to try a few new products and I was very excited about this video since in my of my monthly favorites I usually just mention the same products since I am a very hard person to please and I like to stick to products that I am happy with, or better said I do not like change when it comes to my skin and body routine, I guess since my life is filled with ups and downs I like to have some routine in at least one part of my life. Now, Make sure that you saw my previous video spring makeup favorites 2013 to see what I loved this spring.

Summer Makeup Favorites 2013

To not delay this summer favorites 2013 video, I will be speaking about body and skin care products, hair products and makeup products. I will also be making more videos after October 2013. I will start making regular monthly favorite video and I will now be publishing videos three times a week. Since I found that I have so much more to contribute to my channel and wanted to do more fun videos such as tags, tips and tricks, DIY projects and other non-makeup related videos. I thought a change would be a good thing in order to stir things up a bit on my channel. I hope that you enjoy my latest video my Summer Favorites 2013 (May, June & July)

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