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Sinister 2 Bughuul Mask SFX Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Sinister 2 Bughuul SFX Makeup Tutorial Sinister 2 Bughuul Mask Makeup

Today I’m recreating a horror movie legend, Bughuul from Sinister. This Mask SFX halloween makeup tutorial is a very simple and fast one, but do keep in mind that you might not be able to speak the entire time. If you would like to be able to speak, then you might have to get creative around the mouth part of the mask. One very cool thing about this mask is that you can take if off super fast. It only takes one pull and your entire mouth part of the mask is off without any major pain or discomfort.

 Sinister 2 Bughuul SFX Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here is what I used for my Sinister 2 Bughuul SFX Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Also make sure to check out my other Halloween (movie, original characters & SFX) makeup tutorials which I did. I have also recreated a few other horror movie characters that all horror movie lovers will enjoy and should know. These looks are idea for cosplay or any halloween party. One thing about the makeup is to remember to pull down the face paint on to the neck and visible chest area, since Bughuu/ Bagul‘s body is all grey.

Sinister 2 Bughuul costume

  • Black suit
  • White shirt

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