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Signs You’re Addicted To Makeup

Signs You’re Addicted To Makeup

We all know that most women love makeup, but at least half of them are addicted to makeup. Here are a few signs that you’re might indicate that you too are addicted to makeup. Make sure to check out my latest article signs you’re a nail polish addict.

1. In the morning instead of reading the news, you read is beauty blogs and makeup reviews and don’t care who knows anymore, you even do it at work.

2. You have the power to go from morning monster to hot in 20 minutes or less

3. You love wearing makeup but


4.  Your makeup skills have advanced

5. Your makeup collection went from this


6. To this


7. and ended up like this


8. but you really want it to look like this

9. You have a strange collection of cosmetics glitter, for just incase moments


10. You have 50 shades of red lipstick, none are the same

11. This is your porn

Inglot Lipstick 24, 12, 38, 10, 02 swatches review

10. You always buy dupe products, since they are a must have

11. When looking at facebook pictures

12. When can’t find your favorite makeup product

13. When you see makeup

14. You cried when this happened

15. Your makeup obsession is effecting your family

16. When you saw the NEW Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

17. You live by these simple rules

18. You want your eyebrows to look like this

19. but they turn out like this

20. You fail when trying to give up makeup

21. You tried the empties challenge (for about 30 minutes and failed)

22. You secretly wish your cat could update your makeup blog


23. You leave Sephora with war paint on your hands

24. When people tell you, you also look beautiful without makeup

25. You always find a reason to buy new makeup you don’t really need



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