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Sigma Brushes Precision Kit Review & Pictures

The Sigma Brushes Precision kit: P80, P82, P84, P86 was released a while back by Sigma brushes. I have been postponing on doing a review until I fully reviewed all the brushes and until I made up my mind on each brush and if I even liked them. I have used other brushes concealing and I wanted to compare the sigma precision kit to the other brushes. The precision kit contains four brushes; P80 precision flat, P82 round, P84 Angled, P86 Tapered. These brushes supposedly mimic your fingers. Now, let’s put the  sigma precision kit to the test!

Precision Kit Pros

What would be the pros for this sigma beauty precision kit? I personally love how you get 4 brushes that, honestly, can be used in many ways for just one price. The brushes do mimic you fingers since they are as big as you finger tips. I like that each brush has their own unique function. My favorite brush is the P86 tapered brush. I also like that the brushes are thick. The other sigma brushes, not this one, are also used not only to conceal larger areas on the face, but the flat and round brush can be used for applying foundation. The tapered brush is perfect for detail application and for applying concealer underneath the eye. That is my favorite one from the Sigma Brushes Precision kit: P80, P82, P84, P86.

Cons of Sigma Brushes Precision Kit

The cons is basically what most people wait to read about. What to mention as being the cons of this Sigma precision kit. Each brush might have it’s cons but I want to just give a general idea of what I saw as a con with all the brushes. The biggest con of this sigma beauty precision kit would be that the brushes are just to big when it comes to focusing on very small detailed concealer coverage. This is why I use my sigma brushes tapered brush. Due to it’s pointy top this brush is perfect for precision details. This is a good kit and I do recommend it but I recommend using all four when applying concealers it get the most out of Sigma Brushes Precision kit: P80, P82, P84, P86

Precision kit summary

I really do like this Sigma Brushes Precision kit: P80, P82, P84, P86 and that it’s more for professionals than for the average joe. My favorite and most used brush is the tapered brush. I use the flat and/or the round brush for stippling on my concealer or for a thicker amount of concealer. One thing for sure is that this sigma brushes kit is really high quality. I personally love how amazing the whole synthetic line is. All of the synthetic kits are literally my favorite brushes by sigma so far. I also use the brushes when I want to apply powder or loose foundation over my concealer to set it. What is also good to mention would be that the brushes are really dense and that the way that the bristles were cut is perfect! Comparing these sigma brushes Precision kit to my other concealer brushes, they are thicker and denser. The bristles are much better quality, but the only flaw would be that they are literally finger size. This might not be what some of you are looking for, but again the precision kit are advertised as mimicking your fingers!


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