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Sigma Brushes Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Sigma Makeup Brushes Holiday Gift Guide 2011. I decided to make my own sigma holiday gift guide for 2011. Are you getting ready for the holiday season? I know I am! Here is what I recommend for this year’s Sigma Makeup Brushes Holiday Gift Guide for 2011.  Since the holidays are around the corner and some of us, including me, are already thinking on what I could get for those special people in my life. Tis’ the season of giving and being merry! As I wrote above, let me first show you want are my personal must have products and explain why I have them and love them and who do I recommend Sigma Makeup Brush Holiday Gifts for.


Sigma Brushes Must Have Products

Sigma Brushes must have products that I personally see as must haves are the following products. The first product that I recommend is the Sigma MAXbag. This bag fits so much in it that it’s hard to believe how much can fit in one bag (review). I love this MAXbag. Another product that I recommend would be the newest Sigma Beauty Brushes Make me Cool travel sets. These sets have my favorite and must have makeup brushes for beginners or even advance makeup users. I also recommend the newest Sigmax HD Round Top kabuki F82 I have been using the small contouring brush for my cream and liquid foundation brushes, but after this brush I only use this brush for my foundation.  These are my must have Sigma Beauty Brushes. 

Sigma Beauty holiday gifts

Sigma beauty holiday gifts can be for all ages. If you have someone that is not into makeup but is into beauty and skin care, you can get them the Sigma Cleansing and polishing tool. This tool has 3 brushes (heads) that can be used not only for the face but also for the entire body. Another gift that would be a good money saver would be the Sigma shape and dry brush holder. Get a set of Sigma Beauty brushes and a the dry and shape brush roll that not only protects your brushes but shapes and dries them. The new Sigmax precision kit is soft and better than your fingers. It helps you apply concealer perfectly and with precision. For the end, another product that I recommend would be the Bare palette or as I like to call it “the nude palette”. This palette is a must for everyday use. it is also perfect for creating the perfect classic smokey eye. These are other holiday’s gift that I recommend from Sigma Beauty.

Sigma makeup brushes your own holiday guide

Sigma Makeup Brushes make your own holiday guide. If you do not like my suggestions then here are a few tips on how you can use the sigma beauty website to find the perfect holiday gifts for your holiday season. Sigma has a very simple site that is easy tog guide. Look at the pictures below and you can click on anyone to choose in what way you want to shop. You can shop by individual sigma makeup brushes or focusing on a specific parts of the face or focusing on the function of each individual brushes. Another simple way of buying your holiday gifts is by shopping by collection. This will show you what sets or individual brushes fall under this collection. No matter what way you choose to shop, sigma offers a wide range of high quality brushes and makeup products. Mix and combine brushes, accessories or makeup to get your perfect sigma makeup brushes holiday gifts. 

Interested in Sigma Beauty Brushes

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Will you be buying anything from Sigma for the holidays?


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