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Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes F88 & P88 Makeup Review

Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes F88 & P88 makeup review are the new makeup brushes from They are part of the Sigmax collection and can be bought seperatly or as part of the sigmax collection makeup brushes which contain 5 makeup brushes. So now that my holiday is over we can do a makeup review of Sigma Brushes F88 & P88. I have put them to the test over my summer holidays and I have used them with various foundations, except BB creams, and wanted to see with which types of foundation they function the best. The brushes were lauched somewhere in June 2012 and I got them as PR samples. I will point out what I liked and disliked in this makeup review of Sigma Beauty Brushes F88 & P88. 

Sigma Makeup Brushes F88 & P88 Makeup Review

This Sigma Beauty F88 & P88 review will show you the difference between the other sigmax makeup brushes collection. I know that a lot of people are wondering if there are any differences between the other sigmax makeup brushes from last year. This review of brushes F88 & P88, as you can see on the pictures below show you that the length of both brushes have the same length as the other brushes from the sigmax collection. Each brush has it’s own function the only similar brushes are the Sigma Beauty F88/P88 and F84/P84. Trust me I at first was like wait, the same brush? Again? I have used both and will mention in the makeup review which Sigma Beauty I prefer.

Detail review of Sigma Beauty Brushes F88

This part of the Makeup review is of Sigma Beauty Brushes F88. This brush is very similar to the F84 but then again they are very different. I was never a big fan of the F84 to be honest, I mean it’s a good brush but when I tried the F88 I was instantly impressed. It’s kind of a combination of F80 + F84. It has very similar functions and this was the only brush from the whole Sigmax Collection that worked the best with my Illamasqua SB foundation. The next thing on the F88 to mention is that it works the best from all Sigmax brushes on “corners” around the face. It’s a much “thicker” and rounder makeup brush than the F84. The F84 is narrow and long, as you can see on the picture. I still prefer my F82 when it comes to cream foundations or the F84 but this brush F88 like F80 works really good with liquid foundations. Now, the makeup review of Sigma beauty makeup brush P88.

Detailed review Sigma Beauty brush P88

The makeup review Sigma Beauty brushes P88 is very similar to P80 & P84. I mean all these sigmax brushes are best at something but a few of them are very similar. Yet again I like to use P80, P84 and 88 with my liquids. They work really well for blending products out and for hard to reach areas. I also use the F88 & F84 for contouring with cream foundations. The only difference that I would like to mention in this review of  P88 is that the P88 has shorts bristles and is in general smaller than the P84 which means more control with products, perfect for precision while the P84 is great for blending out creams. From all these Sigmax brushes I prefer the F88 & F82 plus the P88, 84 and 86. The other brushes are good to but I use these the most. This completes the makeup review of Sigma Beauty Brushes F88 & P88.


Your thoughts!

Do you own any Sigma Beauty Sigmax brushes? Do you like them? which ones are your favorite ones? Got a question about these Sigma Brushes F88 & P88? Leave your questions below! 

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