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Sigma Brushes Extravaganza Complete Kit and Coupon Code

Sigma Brushes Extravaganza Complete Kit
Sigma Brushes Extravaganza complete kit was released on December 19 2011. The makeup brushes cost $510us and the set consists of 29 brushes. The brushes have 18K gold ferrules and a laser engraved logo on the brushes. Sigma brushes Extravaganza complete kit is their most luxurious brush set up until now. The brush set features twenty-nine of best selling brushes all packed in a luxurious and deluxe carrying case, which is ideal for travelling and storing Sigma brushes.
Sigma brushes extravaganza makeup kit
Sigma brushes has Extravaganza kit everything you need for a luxurious makeup application. This kit is not only extravagant, but it’s a complete kit with 29 makeup brushes. I know, what you thing but these sigma brushes are so pricey! I strongly believe, based on the reviews online, that these are sigma’s so far best makeup brushes. I think that if you’re a full time makeup artist or student you will like this set. Impress your clients with the new Sigma brushes extravaganza kit.

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Sigma brushes details
Sigma brushes set sigma beauty extravaganza includes, as I wrote about, 29 makeup brushes: 14 eye brushes, 14 face brushes, and 1 lip brush. All the brushes have 18K gold ferrules and have laser engraved logo. I must admit looking at this set 29 brushes will be the complete sigma brushes that one makeup artist and makeup lover might need. I usually mix and combine my sigma brushes since each set has brushes that the other kit doesn’t include. This is why I think excluding the price this set is complete. I recently reviewed Sigma’s Cities London Kit (18K gold ferrules) and I felt as if they were a bit better quality than the other sigma brushes.

Sigma brushes review
Sadly, there is no sigma brushes review with these brushes. If I would have gotten this Sigma extravaganza complete kit I would have fainted. Sadly, since my brush set is almost complete I won’t be buying these sigma brushes. If you are going to be buying this extravaganza complete set make sure to use sigma brushes coupon code. I hope that this post was somewhat interesting and that it has helped you decided whether this brush kit is or isn’t for you. I have reviewed other makeup brushes that have been released in December 2011. make sure to read my what you also might like sigma brushes posts.

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