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Sigma Beauty 18 NEW Makeup Brushes 2014

Sigma Beauty 18 NEW Makeup Brushes 2014

Sigma Beauty has just released 18 new makeup brushes in 2014. The new brushes are actually individual from the latest makeup brush collections. The makeup brushes come from Sigma Beauty’s very popular Perfect BlendSpot-On Concealer and Extreme Color Payoff makeup brush kits. Here is each brush individually that is not part of the Sigma Beauty 18 new makeup brushes collection for 2014 and details on what they are used for. I personally love these brushes and plan to get all of them. They will be a good collection to my already vast Sigma Beauty makeup brushes. 

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Sigma Beauty NEW makeup brushes 2014

E20S – $12 Short Shader

Applying color onto small areas of the eye and to smudge the lower lash line.

E30S – $12 Pencil

Soften pencil liners or use to apply highlight on inner corner of eyes.

E44 – $14 Firm Blender

Blending crease

E57 – $12 Firm Shader

All over lid for a controlled finish

E58 – $12 Cream Color

Long brush head to apply cream products (diffused finish)

E59 – $14 Wide Shader 

For a strong application on lid. 

F63 – $14 Airbrush Blender

Airbrushed application of concealer 

F64 – $18 Soft Blend Concealer

Buffing and evening out concealer 

F66 – $14 Angled Buff Concealer

to get a soft and up to medium application of concealer 

F68 – $12 Pin-Point Concealer

Ideal for coverage of small spots 

F69 – $12 Angled Pixel Concealer

Concealing areas like the side of the nose

F71 – $12 Detail Concealer

Soft, light sweeping motion application of concealer

E32 – $12 Exact Blend

Blend color on outer corners of eyes

E37 – $14 All Over Blend

For entire lid (blends any harsh lines)

E38 – $14 Diffused Crease

Blend strong color in crease, diffused effect.

E39 – $14 Buff and Blend

Blending smaller areas, precise finish

E48 – $16 Pointed Crease

for crease control

E71 – $16 Highlight Diffuser

highlight  brow bone 

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