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Sexy and Flirty Christmas holiday makeup video tutorial

Sexy & Flirty holiday makeup video tutorial is here. I wanted to create a simple but flirty and sexy holiday makeup look. This look will compliment every eye color and every skin shade. It’s like a light version of a smokey eye. My Christmas makeup video tutorial is focused on sexy eye and fresh and dewy skin, as you can see in the picture. I am going to list a list of products below to show you what I used to achieve this look. If you do not have some or any of the products don’t worry, use what you got and don’t feel pressured into buy. I hope you like my Christmas makeup video tutorial. 

Sexy & Flirty Holiday Makeup Tutorial

My Holiday makeup tutorial is a bit different this time around. I decided to make a different kind of video in which I speak. I personally prefer my subbed videos or better said videos that have an over voice. But, I wanted to try something new with my latest holiday makeup tutorial. I want to know your opinion as to which kind of video tutorials you like better; wither with an overvoice or the ones I speak in while applying makeup. I am trying to find out what is more suitable for my viewers. So, inform me what holiday makeup tutorial you like more.

Sexy & Flirty holiday makeup video tutorial

This Sexy & Flirty holiday makeup video tutorial contains a few beauty product review will be visible when you click on some listed product. I haven’t written reviews for all of the products but I plan to write a few more beauty product review in the near future. Expect that each Friday I will post a detailed product review. If you have a specific desire as to what review you would like to see first, please email me or leave a comment with your requested beauty product review.



  • Manhattan Ballerina Beige Palette
  • Essence you rock eye base
  • Sigma Beauty Brushes Vegan Mrs. Bunny Collection
  • Sigma Beauty Brushes Cities London Collection
  • ELF Cosmetics Black cream eyeliner
  • Essence Vampire’s Love collection 01 Love at first bite eyeshadow palette
  • Yaby Cosmetics Eyebrow eyeshadow
  • Nivea soft eyeliner black


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