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Sea Salt Series

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Sea salt face wash

Breakout before a big date! It is certainly tempting to apply an inch of acne cream on your spots and pray that it would dry the acne up faster — well it usually works, but it would also dry up your skin and leave it flaky and itchy after ward. Sea salt has the same func tion of treating acne break out by killing off bacteria and fas ten ing the healing process, but it doesn’t irritate your skin the way acne cream often does.

What you need: sea salt, water, mild facial cleanser
1. Warm up a cup of water with microwave, add 1–2 tea spoon of sea salt and stir until it com pletely dissolves.
2. Wash your face thor oughly with a mild facial cleanser.
3. Soak a face towel in the salt water solu tion and lay the towel across the acne you want to treat for 5–7 min­utes. There’s no need to apply pres sure.
4. Wash your face with warm water and apply toner and mois tur izer to keep skin hydrated.
5. Repeat twice a day until acne clears up.
A few things to keep in mind…
  • Purchase sea salt and avoid using reg u lar table salt. Table salt is often treated with chem i cals and might irri­tate your skin.
  • Remember to apply toner or mois tur izer after each sea salt treat ment to keep skin hydrated. Dry skin could lead to an exces sive secre tion of oil on the sur face of your skin, which might end up mak ing your acne worse.
  • Excessive use of sea salt on your skin could lead to flak i ness and irri ta tion. Avoid cuts and wounds.
  • Consult your der ma tol o gist if you have any aller gic reactions.
  • If you have del i cate skin, you may want to try this at only the infected area, and mas sage gen tly to pre vent over-exfoliating the skin.

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