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Halloween Makeup: Scaring Homemade Latex Props Test

Halloween Makeup: Scaring Homemade Latex Props Test

Recently I got inspired to make my own homemade latex prop for Halloween Makeup 2012. I want to prepare for Halloween much better this year since I want more dramatic looks to be able to push my own limits and see what I can do to be even more challenge by myself. I am going to share with you my own homemade Halloween Makeup 2012 called – scaring latex. I was pleased with the first test run just to see how I can achieve some latex which I could later glue onto my face. I was just keeping it simple for this test run. here is a list of things which I used for this Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup Scars

This Halloween makeup scars is just a test so I am not 100% satisfied with the final results, but it can pass since I know know how to get a better effect. 😀

Makeup products

  • Bourjois healthy mix foundation – (my advice rather use cream foundations)
  • 88 palette Coastal Scents
  • Ben Nye Liquid Latex
  • Tissues

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