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RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream skin care review

Today I am reviewing a skin care product which I have tried a few months ago but never really wrote a review. I found that I had another sample product in my sample box and said let’s give it a go. Lately, I noticed that my skin needs a change and that the products that I have been using aren’t really doing much for my winter skin. My skin has been drying out a bit what is not so bad for my oilier parts but for my dry patches it’s horrible when I put on foundation. So I needed something which would hydrate my skin but not cause my skin to be super oily. So I decided that it was time to test and do a skincare review of RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream.

RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream

The review product RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream, claims to use three steps to help the skin achieve a long lasting comfort for 24 hours. RoC claims that is helps the skin lock in moisture, for a continuous time and strengthens the skin’s barrier to prevent water loss. In short it claims to moisturise the skin 24 hours. The Hydra+ 24h comfort cream has a light texture which is suitable for all skin times. I was able to get a sample for normal to combination skin, since I thought it would suit my skin tip best. I used this once before I went working in a club all night long to help my foundation stay on longer while moisturizing my skin underneath.

RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream light normal combination skin review

RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream review

While using the two samples, I used it 4 times, I noticed a smooth texture which was very light, usually creams are to thick for my skin. The product doesn’t have any scent and in moments the product sinks right into my skin and leave no residue on top of the skin. So far my skin didn’t show any breakouts or any negative side-effects. What I can confirm for this skincare review is that so far the RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream, delivers what it claims. Besides my skin feeling moisturised during the entire day, the moisturizer also seems to help control the oiliness on my T zone. This Hydra+ cream does not contain any SPF. A normal bottle contains 40 ml and the best thing is that you can use this cream on your neck and face. RoC also claims that it’s a perfect makeup base,  I have to use it once before my foundation and without using a primer. If you have dull skin, use RoC hydra+ and a illuminating foundation to get a BB effect cream.

skin care review RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream

Last thing on the skincare review are the ingredient of RoC Hydra+ 24h comfort hydrating cream. Sadly, I am not sure how well my skin on the long run would react to this cream. On the bottom of the ingredient list you can see that it contains a few parabens and usually my skin does breakout when I use parabens, so I cannot confirm nor deny that my skin will not breakout out if I use this continuously. I was going to buy it but not after I saw that it does contain some parabens I am actually rethinking as to how well this would be for my skin. To wrap this up I wanted to state that I have combination skin that is acne prone and I have noticeable dry patches when I do not apply any moisturizer on those spots.

RoC Hydra 24h hydrating cream


  • offers 24h hydration
  • light texture
  • sinks into skin really fast
  • no noticeable scent
  • 40 ml (sample contains: 1,5 ml enough for 4 uses)
  • a little goes a long way


  • contains some paraben
  • for some the price


  • John O Sullivan

    ROC Hydra SPF 15 is no longer available in the Irish Market
    Do you know where I can purchase it mail order
    I have use it for many many years and found it really suited my sensitive facial skin
    I would be very grateful for any help
    Kind Regards
    John O Sullivan

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