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Robot Makeup Tutorial (advanced)

2 Robot Face Painting Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013 Cylon Borg

Today’s new makeup tutorial is all about robots. Of course this can be worn as Halloween makeup or for some sci-fi event or even Mardi Gras. I wanted to create a robot makep tutorial for a long time now and just haven’t had the chance so I made this one after I saw a few cool robot pictures online. I will be creating more robot makeup tutorials such as seven of nine, cylons and borgs but I cannot promise anything since I am not sure if I will have the inspiration or not but I am sure that the other robot makeup tutorials will happen by Halloween 2013. Now of to my new Halloween makeup tutorial for 2013 Robot Makeup Tutorial.

Halloween Robot Makeup

To avoid writing a long bu unneccessary post i did want to mention that I did create this look inspired by a number of robots from movies and TV series. I wanted to create something a bit more complex since there are, I strongly believe, people that love going over the top with their makeup. This Halloween makeup tutorial for 2013 Robot makeup tutorial, is perfect for people like me that love focusing on details but not on perfection. Since like with most of my complex tutorials I create a face chart and then a tutorial, sadly I didn’t plan out the creating of the makeup as well as I did on paper.

robot halloween makeup tutorial cylon borg scifi syfy

Robot Makeup Tutorial 2013

Looking at my robot, I wish I did a few steps different and here is how to simplifly the whole tutorial. First apply your shadow color, what was my mixture of gray and black to get an ashy black shade, then apply your highlight color, I apply white then liquid metal from Illamasqua (review of the fundamental palette here) and last details, what I did with a pure black face paint. In this way my Robot makeup tutorial for Halloween makeup tutorial 2013, will go faster what is the number one most important thing when doing face painting. If you do not have face paint you can recreate this whole look using eye shadow, eyeliner and various cream foundation, or you can use grease or cream paint if you want it to be long lasting but I am not a fan of grease paint since it’s really hard to work with. Whatever you decided try my simplified version so that it will not take you as long as it did me.

Robot Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013

Now here are the products that I used to create my robot makeup tutorial for Halloween makeup 2013. Enjoy and leave a comment with your favorite robot character from the sci-fi world, movie or TV series.

Human Side of Face Makeup Products:


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