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Rick and Morty Scary Terry Face Painting Tutorial

This is my latest Rick and Morty makeup transformation. It’s of Scary Terry Face Painting ideal for Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2019. If you want to see my other Rick and Morty character transformations, please check out my Youtube Playlist marked, Rick and Morty playlist.

This Rick and Morty makeup transformation into Scary Terry, was done solely with face paint. You can use any face paint or makeup you have to achieve this look. I will be listing below what face paint colors I used to achieve this look, but feel free to use whatever you have available. I will also be listing the tools which I used.

In order to get this Scary Terry Face Painting look, make sure to use the following face painting colors

  • magenta
  • black
  • purple
  • yellow
  • green
  • dark green

It’s that simple. You can, of course, draw a bigger body or even wear a sweater similar to Scary Terry who in reality is Freddy Kruger, but just Rick and Morty style. So I hope you enjoy this makeup transformation and tutorial, and if you do don’t forget to share this post or video from YouTube and leave a comment under the video, like it and subscribe for more makeup transformations.

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