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Reader Q&A Of The Week: Why does my cream blush go patchy on my skin?

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This week’s reader Jessica from Texas wanted to know:

Why does my cream blush go patchy on my skin? 

Well Jessica, cream blush can be tricky if you do not know how to apply it. Make sure that you check out my article how to apply blush for all face shapes. The number one reason why cream blush goes patchy is because the cream blush adheres to dry skin as if it were a cream and creates an uneven finish. It’s important to either apply a primer, moisturizer or foundation before you apply a cream blush. In this way your skin will be prepped and your skins surface will be “moist” enough so that the cream blush spreads like butter and is easy to control.

Cream blushes should apply with ease and should give a dewy natural looking finish. I personally love cream blushes during winter season to get that healthy dewy summer looking skin effect.


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