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Picture Perfect Makeup

Here is a short article as to how to get that picture perfect.

1. Good bye shiny/oily skin

No one likes to steal the spot light for the wrong reasons. Have you ever had that not so flattering shiny forhead in the picture? Always carry blotting paper with you and blot before important picture. If you have naturally oily skin, they use a matte finished foundation and powder.

2. Shadows are bad for you

Remember natural light is your friend but it can also be your worst nightmare. If you are standing in the sun make sure to stand in front of the sun. Also stay clear of any overhead lights when taking pictures indoors. In this way you will avoid gettings shadows that could make you look, well, bad.

3. Makeup

Makeup is one of the “key ingredients” to looking good in pictures. Make sure that you don’t wear to much makeup since it will be noticed in pictures. The trick to makeup and looking good in pictures is that you make sure that it looks natural and that it highlights your best features.

4. Seem slimmer

Camera adds anywhere to 10 kilos and pictures can add even more. A tip which I can give, which is also used on the red carpet, would be to turn your body at a 45 degree angle away from the camera and then turn from the waist to face the camera.

5. Double chin effect

Have you ever noticed that for some reason you get that double chin effect in picture when in real life you don’t have it. Here are two tips as to how to avoid the double chin effect. 1. don’t let anyone shorter than you take your picture unless they are standing on something which will make them as tall as you. 2. Point your chin down and keep the camera at or above your eye level.

6. Practice makes perfect

This is the oldest Hollywood trick that my mother taught me at an early age, God bless her for that. Practice makes perfect. People that have perfect smiles in pictures practice at home smiling. If you want to achieve a natural smile, stand infront of a mirror and practice smiling.


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