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Picture Day Makeup For School

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Top Pick Beauty Best waves Reese Witherspoon Best Up do Amy Adams

A few tips for NO MAKEUP ALLOWED schools. Here are a few helpful tips that I do believe the school will approve or won’t notice

Make sure your skin is well hydrated the night before. That morning, wash your face and LIGHTLY hidrate it with your favorite cream.
1. fill in your eyebrows lightly(just a little bit) with a dark brown pencil for darker tone eyebrows and a light brown for lighter eyebrow color

2. curl your lashes (with curler) put on just one coat of clear mascara

3. put on a light coat of carmex

4. pinch your checks right before the picture is taken you’ll get natural blush. (have a mirror with you so you can see what your doing)

5. smile


  • before your photo is taken, wipe your face with a damp tissue and dry it with another dry tissue. This will quickly pick up the natural oils and matte your face ..
Remeber your face is NATURALLY PHOTO READY!!! your skin SUCKS IN the camera light and does not give a shiny oily look (for most skin types)

This should help a little bit
P.s. this can even be an everyday school look 😉

Smile and have fun remember you really are more beautiful than you know

Michelle Keegan (with NO makeup) Beautiful isn’t she 🙂 
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with NO makeup
Monica Bellucci with NO makeup

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