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Pickle Rick Face & Body Painting Tutorial Halloween 2018

Pickle Rick Face & Body Painting Tutorial. If you are into Halloween 2018 or you just love body painting illusions, then this is for you. I really enjoy the show and wanted to Rick and Morty Adult Swim animated TV series which you can watch on Netflix. This is my homage to the show and some of my favorite characters. I am not sure if I will do any more characters but for now, I have covered altogether three characters which I really do like or find very creative and amazing. I personally was not too amazed by Pickle Rick, but I did find it to be a somewhat cool challenge which I could do for my YouTube channel.

Pickle Rick Face & Body Painting

In order to get this Pickle Rick Face & Body Painting Tutorial, you will need any better quality face and body painting product. Paint brushes, the ones which are used for the body and face are better than the store bought one, to be honest, and you will also need water. You can also spray your completed work with a waterproof setting spray (intended for skin use, body and face use) and this will set it and slow down how fast it breaks down.

Pickle Rick Face & Body Painting Tutorial

There are many products which you could use to complete this look. You be the judge of what you want to use and if you will go full body or not. This is my Pickle Rick Face & Body Painting Tutorial for Halloween 2018. I hope you enjoy it. Below you can see the product list.

  • Sigma Beauty makeup brushes
  • Face & body painting paint
  • water
  • bald cap
  • spirit gum
  • spirit gum remover
  • face and body painting sponges
  • white & black eyeliner

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