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New Younger Estee Lauder Launching Beauty Line

Photo courtesy of Estēe Lauder Companies Inc.

A new more modern makeup line will be launched at Estee Lauder. One of my personal favorite makeup brands. In 2012, without any current launch date, estee lauder’s legacy will continue to live on through her granddaughter who is passionate about makeup. Aerin Lauder will launch her own makeup line called AERIN LLC. The new line oversees a lucury lifestyle that will include a cosmetics line. AERIN will be partnering with Estee Lauder and AERIN makeup will be sold on selected Estee Lauder makeup counters.

Lauder & Aerin Makeup Collaboration

Estee Lauder Makeup Company will team up with luxury lifestyle brand AERIN LLC. Aerin LCC is a stand-alone company that has nothing to do with Estee Lauder but Estee Lauder is rather their makeup and beauty exclusive partner. Aerina Lauder joined Estee Lauder in 1992 as a part of the prescriptive marketing team.  She has also served as the senior vice president and creative director since 2004. Aerin will run her company by herself while still continuing to be a creative consultant for Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder has announced their new makeup collaboration with AERIN LCC in April 2012.

 Aerin LCC makeup launch

Aerin Lauder has announced that she was very excited about her new makeup collaboration with Estee Lauder and the launch of her new business. She is excited about the collaboration since Estee Lauders future beauty collections will reflect her luxury lifestyle brand. Even though Aerin Lauder has launched her new luxury lifestyle brand, she will continue to also be the global ambassador and spokesperson for the makeup brand Estee Lauder. She will also continue her position in the board of directors. Esste Lauder is the official and exclusive makeup and beauty partner to Aerin LLC. The makeup line Aerin LLC will be available only and exclusively on selected Estee Lauder makeup counters worldwide. Under what terms will Estee Lauder and Aerin LCC makeup collaborate be held this is yet to be disclosed.

Aerin Lauder launches makeup luxury brand

Makeup legend’s grandchild Aerin Lauder has expressed her excitement to continue her roles as the global ambassador and spokesperson for Estee Lauder. She is looking forward to her private company Aerin LCC. Even though she will contine to work with Estee Lauder she will be developing her own company. She has stressed the importance of having the extraordinary makeup team from Estee Lauder as her partner. She believes that makeup collaboration will help her brand in the future. At Estee Lauder William Lauder, executive chairman, believes that Aerin will embody the entrepreneurial spirit of Estee Lauder. He has also stressed that he supports and is very excited for Aerin in following her dreams and vision of her brand Aerin LCC makeup and beauty luxury lifestyle brand.


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