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Modern Hippie Inspired Makeup Tutorial & Tie Dye Inspired Lips

Hippie Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Today I wanted to show you a Halloween makeup tutorial Modern Hippie inspired makeup with tie dye inspired lips. The tie dye lips that I did today are a very simple and easy version.  Even though it’s not Halloween I wanted to start with a few fun makeup looks that you can do even for Mardi Gras. I wanted to create a look that wsn’t to far from what a Hippie might wear. I wanted a fresh and dewy look that didn’t seem as if I wore to much makeup. Even though I do more complex makeup tutorials for Halloween I wanted to do a few more simple looks that anyone can do.

Modern Hippie Makeup & Tie Dye Lips

The Hippie makeup is pretty simple but the lips are a bit more complex. I didn’t want to do advance tie dye inspired lips since it can get messy. One thing I didn’t like was the NYX jumbo pencil which made it almost impossible to create clean edges around the lips. My Halloween makeup tutorial Modern Hippie inspired makeup with tie dye inspired lips shouldn’t take you then a few minute expect the lips which might take up a bit longer. The most important thing about the tie dye lips is that you have very clean edges and that the colors fade one into another, try your best and use thin pencils.

Tie Dye Lips

Modern Hippie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween 2013

When doing the tie dye inspired lips its important to start off with a green pencil and define your lip edges then apply another thin line of a purple shade liner right after the green liner and blend the green into the purple shade. To complete the look apply a very pink lipstick on the center of your lips and then drage the color out in thin lines to get a tie dye effect. This is a very simple way to do it. The Modern hippe makeup look with tie dye inspired makeup tutorial for Halloween 2013 is as you can see pretty simple except the tie dye lips . I personally love the lips and think they will be very popular if you do decided to try this look even for a normal clubbing look or something fun!


Tie Dye Inspired Lips Tutorial

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