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Makeup tricks for aging women

With the most beautiful season in the year being almost here, we all start to feel the holiday spirit and we are all excited to spend the holidays with the people we love. The holiday season is also the season of gifts, so we are all getting impatient to see what we are going to get. We should also think about what types of presents to choose for our family and friends. Our topic today is actually not holiday presents, but makeup tricks for ageing women. The products we will present here today could surely make great presents for your mother or friend. We all want to look perfect during the holidays, so let us learn a few mature makeup tricks.

How to look stunning and rested during the holidays?

The holidays is the most beautiful season of the year. Families are getting together and enjoying tasty meals while spending their time together. However, if you are the misses of the house, then the holiday season can be a bit stressful, because the holidays involve a lot of time spent preparing food for your family and friends in the hot kitchen, cleaning the house or spending time with your grandchildren. So, in order to look rested and beautiful during the holidays, make sure to read through our mature makeup tricks. When aging, many women don’t think about what color lipstick to use. I can advise to stay away from dark lipsticks because for some, this might you seem older. Women over 50 should use soft and natural shades of lipstick for example,  a nice rosy red color or gentle pinky peach shade. If you apply a neutral lipstick, then we recommend playing up your eyes. If you are going to play up your eyes,  you should also follow the simple rule that “less is more“. Stay away from liquid eyeliners and rather apply an eye pencil since it will seem less harsh on your eyes. Emphasizing your eyes will draw all attention to them and away from your crows feet and other skin imperfections which you might have. Make your eyes pop by applying a pearly brown or golden eyeshadow for brown eyes and light brown or a combination of grays and blues for  blue eyes. Now, I will write about a few makeup products which I recommend for mature skin.

Makeup and cosmetic products for mature skin

Here are a few excellent beauty and makeup products which I do recommend for mature skin. This holiday, I recommend you to surprise your friends and family with a few news things. Try the Defining Eyes Palette by Sigma Beauty which contains subtle, earthy and warm eyeshadows that will be excellent for both day and evening makeup. Then I recommend you try Sigma Beauty’s Paris Makeup Palette, which is currently on sale and don’t forget to read our makeup review of the same palette. This set contains eight eyeshadows, two blushes and two brushes for flawless application and one highlighter to give your skin that dewy complexion back. The two blushes which come with this palette can be used on all skin tones. The eyeshadows are a perfect mix for a combination of more glamorous makeup looks and very subtle day makeup looks. For the lips, I recommend buying Makeup Geek lipsticks in the shades: refined, lovely, foxy, shy, captivity and darling. These shades vary from bright red to nude shades idea for subtle to more sultry makeup looks.

More makeup tricks for ageing women

These are just some tips which can come in use for mature skin. I also recommend that you check out Makeup Geeks Website are since they also offer very nice foundation which mature skin can use without enhancing your wrinkles. If you are interested to learn more makeup tips for ageing skin, then we recommend bookmarking this website. Also make sure to subscribe to SmashinBeauty’s youtube channel for Christmas and Holiday makeup tutorials for all ages. .

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