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Magical Night Prom Makeup Video Tutorial

Here is the newest makeup video tutorial which focuses on prom makeup. I wanted to create a fun and simple makeup look that will enhance your natural beauty so that is opens your eyes and gives your skin a fresh and dewy look. Everything a young woman might want. This makeup video tutorial will also show you how to look good in flash photography. The makeup which I am using is flash friendly. Meaning that you will not get that white cast that we have seen on some famous celebrities in the past. The makeup video tutorial can be also worn for any special event night when you want to look fresh and dewy!

Prom Makeup Video Tutorial

So for some prom is just on the way, while for other it’s already over. This makeup video tutorial as stated above can be worn for prom, special events or just for day makeup. If you are going to wear this for day wear then you can skip a few steps to get a more light and day wear makeup. This prom makeup video tutorial should always be adapted to your face shape. Many people contour wrong because they don’t adapt the contouring or highlighting part to their face shape. For example, I have a square face so in the prom makeup video tutorial I will show you how to contour for square shaped faces.

Makeup Video Tutorial For All Shapes

I do recommend skipping any part in the makeup video tutorial if you don’t need it. Not all woman have dark circles around their eyes. This video just shows you how I do makeup for my skin type and for my face shape. Make sure to take your time and first watch the video and then decided as to what you need and what you don’t need to do. All videos online have to be adapted for your own special needs.  Watch my prom makeup video tutorial but also make sure read my post on contouring and highlighting for different face shapes. If you do not want to contour, you don’t have to! If you want to wear a bronzer instead of a blush, do it! What ever makes you feel comfortable. I have used a wide range of product, but as you might have noticed I tried to use a mix of drug store products and professional products. Make sure to use what you got and not only what is shown in the prom makeup video tutorial.

Magical Night Makeup Video Tutorial

This Magical Night Makeup Video Tutorial is for everyone of all ages. The product list will be shown below. If you want to know which specific makeup brushes I used please leave a comment. I will post which Sigma Brushes Kit’s I was using and for the specific brushes, please leave a comment. I hope enjoy Magical Night Prom Makeup Video Tutorial if you have please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom for the page to see the Prom makeup video tutorial. 


  • MAC prep + prime
  • Bourjois healthy mix foundation
  • Sleek Luminaire #2
  • Graftobian Orange Concealer
  • Graftobian HD Powder:
  • La Femme Blush:
  • mememe cosmetics liquid highlighter Sun Bean
  • Ben Nye Setting Powder
  • Essence Eyeshadow Primer
  • Wet N Wild – Sweet as Candy
  • Manhattan – Beige Ballerina Palette
  • ELF Cream eyeliner – Black
  • Nivea Black Eyeliner Pencil
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara – Black
  • Ardell Wispies #120


  • Sigma Brushes – Performance Eyes Kit (buy) (review)
  • Sigma Brushes – The Cities – London (buy) (review)
  • Sigma Brushes – Essential Kit (buy)
  • Sigma Brushes – Synthetic Precision Eyes Kit (buy) (review) brush in video: Round P82 (buy)
  • Sigma Brushes – SALE Synthetic Dual Kit (buy)  brush in video: Round F82 (buy)
  • Sigma Brushes – Duo Fiber F50 (blush) (buy)
  • Sigma Brushes – Small Contour F05 (contouring) (buy)

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