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Mac Viva Glam New Spokesperson Miley Cyrus

Mac Cosmetics has announced that their newest spokesperson for VIVA GLAM is Miley Cyrus. Past spokespeople have have included Grace Jones, RuPaul, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and most recently, Rihanna. The singer and MAC have taken to twitter to tweet the announcing news. Miley Cyrus’s VIVA GLAM makeup collection will include a sexy hot pink MAC Lipstick which will retails at £15.50 and a matching lipglass with pearl shimmer which will retail at £14.50. You can see the two mentioned products above in the image, or one of the instagram images below. Expect the Miley Cyrus VIVA GLAM collection in early 2015.

Mac Viva Glam New Spokesperson Miley Cyrus

What is MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM? I am certain that many people have no idea what this is all about! There was a stir on the internet about Miley being the new spokesperson for VIVA glam. Let me first tell you what VIVA glam is all about. Every penny which is earned from the sales of #MileyCyrusVIVAGLAM will go to Mac Aids Funds support to help those which are affected by HIV. MAC’s Aids fund support organization helps more than 88 countries and territories worldwide fight and improve the lives of people affected with HIV and/or AIDS. Mac Aids Funds  was founded in 1994 to help raise awareness and help those in need, and so far an amazing $300 million has been raised. So, why did MAC choose Miley Cyrus? Well if you look at the spokespeople in the past, you will notice that all of them have one thing in common, they are all provocative, alternative and influential spokespeople in order to reach a wide range of different communities; and now you can see how Miley Cyrus fits in this bunch.

Mac and Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

Whether you like or dislike Miley Cyrus is not the question at hand, but the cause is what’s important. I personally love the provocative poster and find that MAC cosmetics has yet again managed to raise awareness and this year amongst a younger and more “hype” crowd, what was the point of the entire campaign. So when the collection comes out, go get a product either for yourself or as a late christmas gift for someone special.

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