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MAC Lorde Makeup Collection 2014

MAC Lorde Makeup Collection 2014

MAC Cosmetics and Lorde teamed up to make a limited edition Makeup Collection 2014. Singer Lorder is now set to launch her limited edition makeup collection in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics and it is set to launch June 5th 2014, as she announced on her official twitter fan page. MAC Cosmetics is known to collaborate with many famous and young artist and performers so this one didn’t come as a surprise. Make sure to check out my Mac Collection Lorde Makeup Tutorial 

MAC Cosmetics Lorde Collection 2014

This is the information which was released online concerning this MAC Cosmetics Lorde Collection 2014. and a few personally assumptions base on the MAC Cosmetics Lorde Face Chart.

1. Lorde loves MAC

Lorde worked with MAC’s senior makeup artist Amber Dreadon to create her signature dark purple lips for the Grammy Awards. She also has stated many times publicly that she has loved MAC ever since she was a little girl and at the age of 14 bought her first MAC lipstick in snob.


2. Lorde Dark Lips

Based on Lorde’s makeup choices we can assume there will be a few limited edition dark, plum, red and maybe even violet purple lips which will rock our Lorde world and sell out like hot cakes

3. Full Lorde Eyebrows

Based on the MAC Lorder Face Chart, I can assume that there will be eye brow products to get those Lorde Brows.

4. Lorde Contour

Lorde has very noticeable cheeks so I assume that some contouring powder might pop up.

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