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Lush Emotional Brilliance Feeling Secure Eyeliner makeup review & swatches


Lush Emotional Brilliance Feeling Secure makeup review, is here finally! Let’s get to it shall we! Lush launched in July a whole new makeup line call Emotional Brilliance. It was a beauty event that I attended with other beauty bloggers. During the even we spun a color wheel at the Lush Emotional Brilliance Event, I got it for my makeup review, and in this way were choose our makeup based on our emotions. Lush promotes makeup based on your emotions not on your wants. Thanks to this wheel I got 3 beautiful colors that I was able to use during my summer holidays. The wheel had many colors, honestly don’t know how many. Mainly at this event I got my first color called feeling secure Lush Emotional Brilliance for the makeup review.

 Lush Emotional Brilliance Feeling Secure Eyeliner Makeup Review

Lush Emotional Brilliance feeling secure eyeliner makeup review and swatches, The purple eyeliner was my first choose of color. The first color, when you choose for the color wheel, represents your strength or your weakness. Mine was an eyeliner from the wheel of Lush emotional brilliance in feeling secure eyeliner that I got for this makeup review. This represented my inner confidence, which says that I am unshakable and unstoppable because I will feel secure about whatever I set my mind out to do. Beautiful isn’t it! The purple eyeliner feeling secure comes in a small laboratory like container, which is light and easy to transport, and it contains 8gr of the product, quite a lot Lush Emotional Brilliance feeling secure eyeliner for this makeup review.

Lush Cosmetics Brilliance Eyeliner Feeling Secure

 Lush Emotional Brilliance Eyeliner Makeup Review

The lush emotional brilliance feeling secure eyeliner makeup review, comes is a beauty bright purple shades. The eyeliner is very well pigmented and you don’t need a lot of the product to make the eyeliner pop, just one pull and you notice it. The eyeliner doesn’t crack but on the other hand the eyeliner take some time to dry. The good side is that you can use the eyeliner as a eye shadow or even base for your shadows. Lush emotional Brilliance Feeling Secure eyeliner makeup review product also comes with a mini eyeliner brush that is attached to the top of the cap of the bottle. I personally like and dislike this eyeliner brush. First of all it’s small enough so you can be precise, but on the other hand the brush itself is not good enough so that it can pull out larger quantities of eyeliner or when I use up half the bottle?! The makeup review continues below of Lush Emotional Brilliance feeling secure eyeliner.

 Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup Review, Swatches & Pictures

Let’s conclude the makeup review of Lush Emotional Brilliance Feeling Secure eyeliner. The eyeliner comes in an affordable nothing to crazy container and contains 8gr of product. the price isn’t cheap to be honest, but again it’s Lush animal friendly products which you know keep our furriest in mind when producing makeup. If you are a Lush shopper you will enjoy these products for sure. Lush Emotional Brilliance makeup review part 1 is over. One thing I really enjoyed about how I choose the makeup was that I had to spin a wheel. I loved that the makeup was related to my innerself and that it was intended to motivate me. I personally love purple and will probably always choose this color over any other shade. Make sure to stop back tomorrow and read my other makeup review of Lush Emotional Brilliance liquid lipstick in Strong!


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