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Lime Crime VELVETINES sneak peek pictures

Lime Crime VELVETINES Sneak Peek Pictures & Lime Crime coupon 2103

Lime Crime Makeup coupon code for 2013 is here and the new lime crime makeup VELVETINES [pronounced: vel-vuh-teens] is a glamorous upcoming lip gloss if I understand correctly. Lime Crime will be releasing this beauty on Black Friday November 23! make sure to read my added comments below before you buy this since I did my homework and wanted to give honest feedback on this Lime Crime Makeup Lip Product.

Lime Crime Makeup new VELVETINES Swatches & Lime Crime Coupon April 2013

Should you buy it or not, honestly?


In conclusion should you buy it? My honestly opinion, SUPER EXPENSIVE, stains the lips, bleeds, wears off fast, cracks when dries.

For my personal and professional use I have found that Blush Professional Cosmetics Lip Gloss works like a charm you can choose between 66 or blush professional 32 lip gloss palette. The blush professional 66 lip gloss palette has a very wide range of lip colors even green, blue and purple. You can mix and match to get your own personal color. So as a professional you know why I always look for things I can make my own colors.

If you are going to buy a lip palette make sure to buy one of my favorite lip brush L05 from Sigma Beauty. Please use my Sigma Brushes Coupons for 2013 and save 10% on your total + check out the other current offers and discounts and deals.

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