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Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners Makeup Review

Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners Makeup Review Swatches Blue Milk

Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners claim that they are quick, easy and a creative way to make your eye makeup go from blah to wow. They come in seven shades and are smudge-proof with a precision brush applicator that is vegan & cruelty free, which have a high coverage foil finish. Let’s put lime crime makeup eyeliners to the makeup review test. So usually I just write up a short review and stick to the basics. I did get this as a PR sample (we are not affiliated with this company. We did get this PR product while we were affiliated) I glanced over the ingredient list and based on that glance some ingredient caught my eye while others didn’t. I should mention a few ingredient which I looked up online and it seems that I won’t be using this on myself or any clients for various reasons!

Lime Crime Makeup Review Eyeliners Citreuse Blue Milk swatches Fail Lime Crime Scam

Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners Review

I am going to write up a short makeup review of Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners in shade: Blue Milk & Citreuse. Blue milk is a very light baby blue shade, while Citreuse is a neon yellow shade. I have to admit I was very excited when I saw the shades and couldn’t wait to try them. I tested them right away just on my bare skin and here are the results. The texture of the eyeliners is VERY watery and wet like. I was very disappointed since I am used to working with cream eyeliners and cake liners and found it very hard to work with this eyeliner. It takes over 1 minute for the product to dry and as one person on YouTube say “Ain’t nobody got time for that” Why? Because the texture was watery the eyeliner pigmentation came out much thinner than what the swatches look liked on their site, as you can see in the picture below.

Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners Cons & NO Pros

I was very disappointed with how watery, slow drying and poorly pigmented the products were. I honestly though it would come out thick and nice. I need to apply two or three layers to get a nice thick color (example below). When the product finally dries then unlike with other eyeliners my skin on that area kind looks dried out, it drys very stiff. I have to admit it’s very stressful and time consuming to wait for each layer to dry. Another thing to mention in the makeup review of Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners is that the products just aren’t worth the money that they are being sold for. I just find it, more of a waste of my time than my money since the eyeliners are so watery and due to that so slow drying it drives me crazy! If I were to use this on a client of mine, I would have a break down because my client would smear this all over their eyes by the time it dries. Another thing to mention is that it is not 100% smudge-proof. If you sweat or get wet it’s just going to come right off. One more thing when I was taking off the product I did notice that the eyeliners stained my skin. Imagine this, my client takes off their makeup and sees that their skin is stained! I would have lost a client for life and gotten a bad word of mouth reputation, due to this horrible stain!


Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners (Ingredients Warning For Some!)

Now when mentioning the ingredient in this makeup review of Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners, I noticed a few that some of you might need to focus on: FD&C yellow 5 40 CI 19140 is stated online that it is NOT ALLOWED to be used in eye products in the USA. Xanthan Gum is derived from glucose & corn syrup so if you are allergic to glucose be careful! Phenoxyethanol – FDA posted “it is primarily used in cosmetics and medications. It also can depress the central nervous system and may cause vomiting and diarrhea” (this might concern very sensitive people). Acrylates Copolymer – “Not to be ingested or swallowed. Animal tests have also shown it to be harmful if come into contact with the skin and/or eyes. It as safe to use in OTC personal care products. However this ingredient has been known to cause irritations in some”. If you have sensitive skin these might be some ingredients that you might concern you! I do know many people that are allergic to glucose and react to various ingredients. Always read the ingredients before you buy makeup. I am not stating that something will happen to you but I am stating that some people that have very sensitive skin or are allergic to glucose might react to this product and other products that contain these ingredient.

UPDATE: FD&C yellow 5 40 CI 19140 – The following information (not allowed to be used in eye products in the USAwas stated online on various websites. Many companies do use this ingredient in their cosmetics within the USA & EU. However, it is unclear online whether there is a certain amount which is allowed to be used in cosmetics or not. The ingredients warnings was found online and if you feel that it might concern you please google this information and consult with your dermatologist or doctor.


Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners Should you buy them?

Overall I will not be (re)purchasing Lime Crime Makeup Eyeliners since I do not find that this product would work for me. Honestly, I do not want a products that stains my skin (picture below) since I am a professional makeup artist and do not want to use makeup which STAINS MY SKIN OR GOD FORBID MY CLIENTS SKIN! Overall these products did not rock my boat in anyway they just made me take my final step away from Lime Crime Makeup. I just do not like their products and find them to be way to expensive for what the quality that they are offering. I find that if I am already paying this price then I can buy well known high-end brand such as MAC, YSL, Chanel …etc that I know have a better quality.


  • shipping rate
  • online shopping
  • poor customer service
  • expensive
  • texture
  • might crack when dry
  • takes forever to dry
  • very very watery
  • comes on sheer
  • some ingredients might be harmful for people intolerant or allergic to glucose
  • small amount of product 0.016 oz
  • smudges
  • is not waterproof
  • stains the skin
  • sets into fine lines and wrinkles


  • packaging 
  • vegan
  • not tested on animals


Would you recommend the products: No 


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