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Lime Crime Aquataenia Mermaid Palette

Lime Crime Aquataenia mermaid palette is coming out July 5 2012. The Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette is pearlescent which will make your eyes sparkle like the sea. The five oceanic shades are packed with shimmer & glitter particles to give a wet, glistening effect reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail under the moonlight. These Aquataenia eye shadows can also be used on your eyes or cheeks. The beautiful five eye shadows coming in a deluxe purple tin. To get the most out of the eyeshadows, make sure to your Lime Crime’s Waterproof eyeshadow helper. This will not only help your eyeshadows last longer but it will give help each Lime Crime Aquataenia  shade stand our on your eyelids.

Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette Swatches

The new Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette comes in five fun summery shades. Shade: Nautilus Prime  is a blurple (shimmer/sparkle), shade Coral of the Story – true coral (shimmer/sparkle), my personal favorite shade, Seahorse Discourse – tropical green (shimmer/sparkle), Pearl-ple – pearlescent lilac (shimmer/sparkle) and the last Lime Crime Aquataenia shade is Atlanteal – seafoam blue/green (shimmer/sparkle). Here are the Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette Swatches. 

Should you buy it or not honestly?

In conclusion should you buy it? My honestly opinion is that it’s a bit over priced and expensive for my liking $35 for 5 eyeshadows… errr?!  Would I actually buy it? NO,too expensive and just not worth it!

For my personal and professional use I have found that the Sigma Beauty Paris Palette Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette or the new Sigma Beauty Defining Eyes by TiffanyD pay off ten times more.Why you ask? Well you get eye shadow + makeup brushes and with some you even get eyeliners or blushes with makeup brush for the blush. You get the same HQ pigmentation (if not better). Make sure to read my review of the Sigma Beauty Paris Palette and see what you get for a few buck mores, personally so worth it! If you are going to buy Sigma Beauty please use my Sigma Brushes Coupons for 2013 and save 10% on your total + check out the other current offers and discounts and deals

Your opinion?

Are you going to get this Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette? Do you like the new shades? Do you own any Lime Crime Products? Which ones were your favorite?  

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!  


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