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Kylie Jenner Red Carpet (Nip+Fab) Makeup Tutorial

Kylie Jenner Nip+Fab Makeup Tutorial

Today’s video is Kylie Jenner Red Carpet (Nip+Fab) Makeup Tutorial. You saw this look only because during the entire event she has a breast or cleavage contouring fail. Instead of making her breasts appear fuller and bigger, they just looks like they were painted and it did not look flattering at all. Besides that fail, I loved the look which she was wearing so I decided to recreate that look with a simple tutorial and a few simple products.

Kylie Jenner Red Carpet Contouring Fail Makeup

The Kylie Jenner Red Carpet Contouring Fail Makeup is beautiful. It contained gold glitter and hot red lips. I personally did not like the contouring and found that it was way too harsh and too noticeable, a bit too draggy for me. But knowing how it goes behind the scene, I can confirm that some clients love strong drag like contouring.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Here are the products which I used to recreated my Kylie Jenner Red Carpet Nip+Fab Makeup Tutorial




  • Wet & Wild Lip Liner
  • Wet & Wild Mega Last Lipstick

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