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Katy Perry Dark Horse Official Music Video Makeup Tutorial

Katy Perry Dark Horse Official Music Video Makeup Tutorial, I love the lyrics and the song rocks! Totally a new kind of Katy, how do you like the music? I am so excited about the music video since I am in love with her outfit or better-said costume and love, love the makeup. Katy Perry’s new music video Dark Horse is from her latest album “Prism”. You might have seen the music video preview with her makeup, what tells us all that this latest music video will be set in Egypt and Katy looks beautiful as Cleopatra, wouldn’t you agree?

Katy Perry Dark Horse Music Video

Ok I will be listing below the makeup products that I used for Katy Perry Dark horse music video makeup tutorial. The only problem that I encountered was that I didn’t have a glittery purple eye shadow and I have fine line under my eyes what made it nearly impossible to make those fine Egyptian lines under my eye. I altered the top part to and made it a bit bigger just so that it suits my eye shape a bit better. I wish I used a more pigmented and brighter purple shade so that the look would be more true to the original look from Katy’s dark horse music video.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Music Video Makeup

I also wanted to mention that in the video still or better said in the video’s thumbnail, I edited my face into Katy’s video background just so that you can see what it looks like if I would have the props and costume that she had in her music video. Sadly, I didn’t have any of the props from the video, not even the standard Egyptian wig, but I did want you to visualize my Katy Perry dark horse music video makeup look and how I would look like if I had the Katy Perry’s costume and wig. I also believe that this look would be a excellent Halloween makeup look if you wanted to do a Egyptian inspired makeup look. If you like the eye makeup, skip the bottom eyeliner and just smudge a black Smokey effect on the bottom lash line and you can get a funky looking eye makeup look.

Katy Perry Dark Horse music video Makeup Tutorial

Katy Perry Dark Horse Music Video Makeup

So here are the products that I used for Katy Perry’s Dark Horse Makeup Tutorial. Make sure to check out my other Katy Perry makeup looks, such as: Roar makeup tutorialwide awake makeup tutorial, Alien makeup look, and  E.T. makeup look.


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