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Kailjumei jelly lipstick review and swatches

Is it true? What do you think? Is this THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIPSTICK IN THE WORLD? What do you think? Would you buy it? These are KAILIJUMEI Jelly lipsticks and who ever came up with these lipstick is a pure genius and I am shocked no one came up with this, like Dolce Gabbana or someone similar. This is the lipstick that broke the internet and it sold out quicker than Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. The lipsticks which are more lipglosses than actual lipsticks, retail for $30 US.

KAILIJUMEI Jelly lipstick

The KAILIJUMEI Jelly lipstick is infused with golden flakes and a tiny real flower. I am not sure what happens when you use up the lipstick to the flower point but I guess it won’t mess up the lipsticks when you hit that point. This is for sure a collectors lipstick. Here is an awesome review of the product.

KAILIJUMEI Jelly lipstick review and swatches

You can see the KAILIJUMEI Jelly lipsticks reviews and swatches below in the video. What do you think? Would you buy it?

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