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Insidious 2 Halloween makeup tutorial 2013

Incidious 2 Makeup Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013 Peter's mother mother of peter

Halloween is getting closer so my next Halloween makeup tutorial is from the horror movie Insidious 2 mother of parker crane. You have seen this character in the trailers of Insidious 2 on Youtube. The character that I am referring to is Peter’s mother. I won’t write why her character is important in the movie since that might be called a spoiler. I though besides that old lady ghosts this was a well recognizable and important character in the movie. So I wanted to start this Halloween with horror movie characters or in general movie characters since it’s fun. Next week, I will have a typically Halloween character.

Insidious 2 makeup tutorial

Now I will list all the makeup products that I used for my Insidious 2 Halloween makeup tutorial 2013 (mother of parker crane) below. Feel free to use products that you already have and to skip any step that you think is not required. Always adapt all my makeup tutorials to you and your needs, skill and desires. Makeup should be fun and never mandatory. So now go read below what makeup products you need for this Halloween makeup tutorial and then after that watch the tutorial and if you are long time viewer enjoy the intro and the awesome over-voice that everyone loves, expect those people that do not understand what role-play means.

Insidious 2 Halloween makeup tutorial 2013

makeup products used in my Insidious 2 Halloween makeup tutorial 2013 (peter’s mother)

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