How to wear statement necklaces

How to wear statement necklaces

Summer is around the corner and statement necklaces are a must for this summer 2013. So here is a quick post on how to wear statement necklaces. I will write a few simple steps on how to wear statment neckalces. you always see them in the shop but most people do not know how to wear them. So instead of complicating things lets make it simple and get to the point. Make sure to click on the images to see where you can buy these products.

Color Matters

Wear bold coloured statement necklaces if you are wearing white. Bright colours near the face will make your complexion looking brighter and more awake.

Collars Rock

If you are wearing a shirt with a collar and want to make the look more feminine or more glamorous then a statement necklace is a must.

Big Chested Women

Women with larger breast are worried that a statement necklace will only pull attention to their breasts. If you wear a statement necklace that is falling down you chest but stops just above your crease this will draw attention to your breast but in a  very elegant way and your breast will seem lifted.

Show-stopping necklace

show-stopping necklace are my personal favorites. They will draw attention to your face. This is an excellent trick on how to pull everyones eyes up to look at your neck and face. This will automatically distract the person you are talking to to look you into your eyes.

Black matters

If you are wearing a very colourful dress and want to wear jewelry then a black statement necklace is what you need. Even if you are wearing all black clothes a black statement necklace is timeless and very elegant and will work with most fashion looks.

Emphasis your necklace

If you want to put emphasis on your statement necklace then all you have to do is follow the lines of the top or dress that you are wearing.

Bridal glamour

Statement necklaces are becoming very trendy for bride that like simple dresses. A statement necklace will turn a very simple bridal dress into a very timeless classic look. The main thing is that you find a statement necklace that has lighter colours and that compliments the dress.


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