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How To: Sigma Brushes Brow Design (Bella)

Sigma Brushes Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit

Sigma Beauty Brow Design Kit Sigma Brushes is featuring how to get perfect brows using their Brow Design Tools. Their are five different shades and this shade today is called Bella. This is the lightest shade and is recommended for light hair (blondes and bleach blondes). The Sigma Brushes Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit is was designed for all hair shades. To get perfect eye brows with this set here are a few tips from Sigma’S Beauty Experts on how to use this Sigma Brushes Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit in shade Bella.

Sigma Brushes Brow Design Kit

1 – Use a brow stencil from the kit then fill in the area with Bella and the E75 angled brow brush use light, feathery strokes.
2 – Next, apply a thin coat of clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place.
3 – Lastly, use the matte end of the highlighting pencil directly under your brow’s arch. Blend out for a soft and lifted effect.

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