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How to shop at sigma brushes / Kako i Gdje kupovati Sigma Beauty kistove

How to shop at sigma brushes This is a requested tutorial from one international reader / viewer. I have made a picture tutorial as to how to shop at sigma beauty. the tutorial will be both on English and Croatian. The how to shop at sigma brushes  was requested by a reader that comes from Serbia. This tutorial will be for everyone and for anyone that speaks Croatia, Serbian, Bosnian and maybe others that understand one of the three languages. I hope that this  how to shop at sigma brushes is some what helpful. If you have questions, please ask.

How to shop international sigma brushes shopper

Sigma brushes international shopper usually send me emails or leave comments sometimes a bit confused as how to buy brushes. After a few emails and comments I decided to show you with a step by step tutorial how to shop at sigma brushes. I hope that this tutorial will be somewhat helpful. Now let’s get down to business so that I can show you how to shop there. I wanted to write one thing. I am going to write a short tutorial in English and in Croatian. So that it is clear for most of my viewers. Please use google’s translator if you speak another language to understand my guide how to shop at sigma brushes

Shopping payment guide at Sigma brushes

First go on sigma brushes site and choose what you want category to want to shop in (pic 1). Then choose what product you want to buy (pic 2). After that press “add to cart” to add the product to your cart (pic 3). You will see a pop up where it will show you what you have added into you cart. If you have completed your shopping, then click “check out!” if you are not done shopping then click “continue shopping” (pic 4). You will be redirected to your cart. You will have to calculate your shipping, choose your country and write in your city’s zip code on this sigma brushes page. Then press “recalculate”. You will see how much your shipping total is.

Don’t forget to enter sigma’s coupon code to save 10% + get a free premium gift with orders over $30us. Make sure to press apply when you entered the coupon code.

 Last step, press proceed to checkout or log in and check out if you have a sigma account. (pic 5). After that you are again redirected to a page check out where you fill in your information, register (pic 6), choose your shipping and choose your payment option (pic7). When you are done with your sigma brushes order, press “place order”. 

Upute: Kupovina Sigma Beauty Kistove / sigma kistovi gdje kupiti

Danas ću Vam ukratko napisati kako kupiti sigma kistovi i gdje kupiti. Prvo odite na stranicu od Sigma Beauty kistovi ( Zatim izaberite kategoriju (pic 1). Nakon toga, izaberite proizvod kojeg želite kupiti (pic 2). Zatim pritisnite “add to cart” znači dodaj u košaru (pic3). Nakon toga će Vam se pojaviti mali sivi prozorčić koji će Vam pokazati koje proizvode su u Vašoj košarici (pic 4). Kada ste gotovi sa kupovinom, pritisnite “check out”. Biti ćete preusmjereni na Vašu košaricu gdje ćete morati unjeti sljedeće informacije: Vašu zemlja (država) i poštanski broj Vašeg grada.  Zatim pritisnite “recalculate”, zatim će Vam sigma beauty kistovi stranica pokazati kolika košta poštarina.

Iskoristite moj  Sigma Beauty Kupon s kojim možete uštediti 10% + dobiti besplatni poklon ukoliko ste potrošili preko $30. Upišite kupon i pritisnite “apply” (slika 5).  

Zatim pritisnite “proceed to checkout” ili “log in and check out” (ako ste već registrirani korisnik). Sada popunite sve Vaše osobne podatke, registrirajte se (pic 6), ukoliko želite izaberite bržu poštarinu i izaberite način plačanja. Kada ste gotovi pritisnite “place order (pic 7). I to je to sada ste uspješno kupili sigma Beauty kistove.

If your country is not on the shipping list please contact sigma.
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(pic/slika 2)
(pic/slika 3)
(pic/slika 4)
(pic/slika 5)
(pic/slika 6)

(pic/slika 7)

* I am affiliated with sigma brushes. I was not paid nor sponsored to write this post.

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