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Top tips on how to make big eyes look smaller (prominent eyes)

Today is a new video, Top tips on how to make big eyes look smaller, which is a makeup tip video from prominent eyes. People with prominent eyes usually have bulging eyes that look like they are going to pop out of their eye socket. Today I am going to share with you a few helpful and useful Makeup Tips For Prominent Eyes. In the video you will see how I recommend that you apply eye shadow and how to make your eyes look smaller. I personally have big eye but they are not prominent but I can demonstrate what to do if you do have prominent eyes since it will give the same effect.

How to make big eyes look smaller

In the video how to make big eyes look smaller, I recommended this makeup tip for prominent eyes. Always use matte eye shadows. Why? Using matte eye shadows will give your eyes a flat look and it will not attract light which will result is a more shadow or contoured effect and your eyes will automatically appear smaller. Another tip is to skip fake lashes or stick to ones that are very natural looking and not to long. Longer lashes usually make the eyes appear bigger and more open. You want to stick to medium or small fake lashes.

Makeup Tips For Prominent Eyes

You can now see in the tips in my Makeup Tips For Prominent Eyes video, in practice. I hope that these tips are helpful!



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